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Beauty Pageant for Single Mothers and Married Women

Updated on December 27, 2016

Joining a Beauty Pageant for empowered mothers

Fact is, there are only a handful of beauty pageants that cater to empowered mothers and women both married and single alike. This should not discourage a mother who believes she has what it takes to join one - beauty, wit and passion for a great cause! One of these beauty pageants is Mrs. Globe, a foundation aimed for empowering mothers across the world. By far, this one is one of the, if not the most prestigious beauty pageants to date for mothers everywhere. Winners are carefully handpicked to qualify for the nationals in every participating country and the winner gets to represent in the world finals often held in China yearly.

In the Philippines, pageants for mothers are few and between and indeed Mrs. Philippines-Globe, the local franchise for Mrs. Globe is one of the most prominent not only for its scope but also for the causes it supports. Of course, there are others such as Mrs. World and Mrs. Universe that one could look into.

The hub author (seated, left) during pageant finals for Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016
The hub author (seated, left) during pageant finals for Mrs. Philippines Globe 2016 | Source

A beauty pageant that empowers women

Not every beauty pageant for moms is the same, in case you choose to join one, make sure you align to the causes that it stands for. It is likewise important that you know what you are getting into and what you can contribute to the cause of the organization in case you win. Beauty per se is a wonderful force to be utilized as a tool to advance important concerns that affect every woman today. Issues such as domestic abuse, lack of opportunities, championing the environment are all important concerns one can support. This is of course in conjunction with your preparedness to undergo a rigid training to amplify your beauty and boost your confidence if you aim for that crown. After all, you are still joining a beauty pageant, and indeed representing yourself in the most beautiful way possible is top on the list.

What it Takes and What You Will Get

Joining a beauty pageant for mothers is not an easy feat. Aside from the demands of family life, conflicting work schedules and the battle against maintaining your ideal weight, the effort you have to exert to attend rehearsals amidst all these demands make the feat seem insurmountable. With patience and determination, you can make it through the initial pageant screening, and it will be a breeze from there on.


How to Look at your most beautiful at every age

Be Prepared to Look at Your Most Beautiful Best

If you are truly keen on joining one, make sure to prepare at least months in advance. Undergo a strict fitness regimen so you won't have to do crash diets leading to the final pageant. At least a six month preparation would be ideal as that would give you enough time to modify your workout schedule, do beauty preparations such as going to the spa and doing your beauty treatments to prepare you to look your best on the day of the pageant.

Winning the crown is great, but the experience and lessons learned are the best takeaways

In conclusion, winning the crown is of course your ultimate goal, never the less, the lessons and experience you gain from joining a beauty pageant for mothers are more important. It will teach you to become a more empowered woman, to continue working towards your dreams as an individual and as a part of your family, to strive to look your best and most importantly to be more confident and know your self-worth as a mother and a woman.


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      FlourishAnyway 13 months ago from USA

      Good for you that you pursued your dreams.