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Judith Ripka Earrings Jewelry Review: Crystal, Pearls, Diamonds, Opal

Updated on January 10, 2015

Judith Ripka Earrings

Judith Ripka earrings return to main ideas characterizing the rings and bracelets, but from a different angle. The pieces display precision of contours and architectural depth that were less prominent in other brand jewelry, leading to highly detailed, intricate designs – the same designs that helped cement Judith Ripka's place in fine jewelry sphere.

Pave becomes an important motif, as small diamonds cover almost every millimeter of surface that is not already used by engraving and other metal-work; both the larger colored quartz stones, and the precious metals benefit from these additions. Large, impressive stones also make a comeback: such collections as Monaco and Lola complete a set with matching rings.

Judith Ripka Ambrosia Earrings
Judith Ripka Ambrosia Earrings

The most surprising feature in the earring segment could be designer's insistence on using the filigree lacy scroll work that defined some of the bands and the cuff bracelets; here there's fewer space, yet some of the hoops (in particular basketweave) accommodate such decorations quite comfortably. Let's take a closer looks at some of the collections:


  • Drop earrings, single, double, and triple encompass several types of jewelry, most of which are notably multi-layered and quite elaborate. Some of connecting parts remind of Corinthian or Ionic columns, bringing up the architectural inspirations. Oval and round shaped sapphires, African rubies, quartz, peridot, and other stones.

  • Open earrings – circular, rectangular, pear, irregular shaped– accord to the note with several necklaces, and perhaps revealing that the two departments impregnate each other with ideas. Includes medium and large models, and usually features yellow gold paved with diamonds.

  • Studs comprise a relatively small earring segment that quickly evolves into the much broader wire division. Both categories echo the generous cushion, oval stone, and Monaco rings; smaller prongs and larger heart motifs.

  • Hoops: Judith Ripka eludes the temptation of drawing inspiration from bracelets and repeating existing designs, instead creating a series of independent jewelry pieces. Hoop earrings present several additional gold&pave variations, opting for two-tone, lucid elegance. Romance, Gothic, Berge, and Linen collections.


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