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Judith Ripka Gold, Sterling Silver Bracelet Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Judith Ripka Bracelets

The majority of Judith Ripka bracelets present an unabashedly complex, highly-detailed type of jewelry clearly created with the connoisseur in mind. Narrow bangles and Berge link sterling silver pieces (discussed below) make the exception, opting for a familiar classic designs – the rest, including Ambrosia Town&Country, Pave Pia Cuff, and Garland Cuff collections display a richly ornamented surface that accommodates an interplay of stones, precious metals, and continuous rhythmic tensions between the two.

Geometrically inspired motifs – rectangular, round, square, oval, and other – become influential elements, often determining the shapes of the stones and the form of the golden or silver components. Most of the bracelets display well discernible parts – segmentation that's particularly important because it creates focal point from which the eye can travel and enjoy the luxurious visual feast.

Judith Ripka Ambrosia Cuff Bracelet
Judith Ripka Ambrosia Cuff Bracelet

Let's examine more closely some of the pieces:


  • Ambrosia Town&Country bracelets comprise horizontally and vertically interspersed links, respectively made of small gold rings paved with diamonds, and large gemstones. Gems include quartz, citrine, tiger's eye, beryl, aquamarine, moonstone, opal, turquoise, chalcedony, amethysts, tourmalines, and others. Depending on the stone bundle, each bracelet will project a darker, earthly, or lighter, aerial or aquatic character.

  • Pave Pia Cuffs comprise a well-developed collection with detailed, segmented facades and filigree back (usually concealing heart motifs). These are more reserved in appearance, more “sober” two or three-tone jewelry items – though luxury component is in now way diminished, as the countless diamonds covering the engraved gold and silver surfaces prove. Include sapphires and rubies; horizontal vs. vertical patterns once again contribute to the overall aesthetic.

  • Berge Link bracelets literally provide a relief from the weighty luxurious designs described above – Judith Ripka, it seems, was aware of the need to offer a lighter category of bracelets, which would offset Pave Cuffs and Ambrosia. This is an open, innocent design, usually in sterling silver, and carrying a heart charm/pendant – suitable for teens and young adults.

  • Narrow bangles, Berge, Linen, Marina, and even Starlight, rest in a way between the splendour of Ambrosia and Pave Pia, and the simplicity of Berge links. Classic, recognizable designs where geometric influences are reduced to lines and thin rectangle, constitute effective, inescapably elegant casual/dressy jewelry.


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