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Judith Ripka Necklace Jewelry Review: Gold, Sterling Silver; Link, Heart, Diamonds

Updated on January 6, 2015

Judith Ripka Necklaces

Judith Ripka necklaces reveal a fresh path chosen for this jewelry department: instead of borrowing ideas from the luxuriously rich bracelets, they exhibit lighter, often filigree delicate configurations. Indeed, many of the necklaces combine with earrings or pendants, rather than the bracelets, to create sets.

Stones continue to play a major part in the necklaces, either as pendants, links, or accents – in fact, here the gems' have the most versatile role in all of Judith Ripka divisions. The same materials – diamonds, onyx, colored and translucent crystals, quartz, sapphires – appear rhythmically organized, alternating with precious gold or sterling silver. Such models as Twin Hearts and multi-stone Contempo introduce a little asymmetry into the overall aesthetic.

Judith Ripka Ambrosia Bracelet
Judith Ripka Ambrosia Bracelet

Closures include classic lobster claws and toggle bars, but rarely carry the prominence they had in the bracelets; necklaces aim for an encompassing, harmonious effect, eschewing dramatic moves. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:


  • Twisted Links presents a rare almost strictly metal (18K gold) line where diamond accents remain secondary to the unusual irregular twists of the golden connecting part. Jewelry designer made sure to render the design harmonious despite the irregularities – which, in turn, lend the pieces a sweet flair of spontaneity and youth.

  • Stone necklaces include several collections: All Stone Heart chains,various stone drops necklaces, multi-stone Contempo pieces, and others. It seem that here Judith Ripka finally tames the sparkling, brilliant gems – in other jewelry they can appear quite domineering – and uses them confidently as aesthetic tools, producing various compositions. Onyx, turquoise, crystals, quartz, mother-of-pearl, hematite, and other materials.

  • Logo Link necklaces combine sterling silver with yellow gold, displaying visually intriguing two-tone pieces; every other silver link was set with small diamonds, adding the chains additional texture and light responsiveness.

  • Fontain Hearts: a type of stone necklace where the heart acts as an additional, the largest of them all, link. The level of detail (each large heart accommodates three miniature ones) evokes bracelet designs, reminding once again that careful detailing and ornamentation is where Judith Ripka truly unfolds creatively and artistically.


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