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Judith Ripka Pendant, Enhancer, Clip-Ons Jewelry Review: Quartz, Diamonds, Onyx, Turquoise, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Judith Ripka Pendants

Though Judith Ripka doesn't make charms, the clip-ons, which can also act as pendants, pins, and even earrings, effectively fill in that niche in the company's selection. Clip-ons reflect the brand's classic design ideas: first, large, expressive geometrical shapes that include square, oval, heart, circle, pear shaped pieces – these items usually rely on large crystal stones or cushion templates. Second, to counterbalance first, are a series of open and semi-open filigree pendants – yellow gold and small pave diamonds step forward as chief decorative elements.

Finally, the attaching part – essentially the clip itself – gets a few pivotal to the action minutes on the front stage, displaying detailed engraving (fluted, segmented, botanical, encrusted with diamonds) and ornamentation that has become one of Judith Ripka's trade marks.

Judith Ripka Pendant Onyx Earrings
Judith Ripka Pendant Onyx Earrings

The range of materials includes variously colored quartz stones, onyx, turquoise, canary crystals, sterling silver, 18K gold, and others. Let's take a closer look at some of the pendants:


  • Hearts become a central theme, infiltrating several collections, including Lola and Berge. The most obvious design consists of a large heart-shaped stone, embraced by gold (white or yellow) or silver frame, complimented by prongs – round, or, again, heart-shaped. More elaborate jewelry includes cushion patterns, where multiple small diamonds create a single focused sparkling center.

  • Garland clip-ons and pendants take us to the mystical side (Evil Eye collection participates), presenting mesmerizing circular pseudo-labyrinths – in fact symmetrical patterns inspired by ancient mazes. Chelsea and Marina collection take a similar approach, opting for the lighter, linear aesthetic. A strong alternative to the solid stones.

  • Cushion pendants deserve a special mention because... because we like cushions. The soft square shapes allude ever-so slightly to the vulnerable, innocent look many tend to get while slumbering – a subtle, intriguing psychological effect. Eventually, cushion pieces offer another category of classic jewelry.


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