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Judith Ripka Ring Jewelry Review: Gold, Sterling Silver; Diamond, Amethyst, Citrine, Other

Updated on January 6, 2015

Judith Ripka Rings

Judith Ripka makes her rings luxurious – but never overwhelmingly so. The richness plays a strong supportive role, emerging on the bezels and and the shanks in the form of gold ornament and diamond accents, enabling the noble clarity of the gemstones to do their part.

The majority of Judith Ripka rings feature a single prominent multi-faceted stone that take the stage with lucid, effortless panache. In models where the central piece is completely smooth (pearls, for instance), a certain tension arises between the surrounding elaborate decoration and the centerpiece; the faceted crystals, onyx, quartz, citrine, and other gems counterbalance the complex bezel engravings with their own ever changing surfaces.

Judith Ripka Eclipse Rings
Judith Ripka Eclipse Rings

Another interesting characteristic in the ring designs becomes the similarity of the bezels to epaulets. We all remember from seeing history movies and pantings that 19th and 18th century military outfits featured carefully braided shoulder straps: they reappear in many of the rings here, perhaps an unexpected source of inspiration for the designer. Let's take a closer look at some collections:


  • Monaco rings, small, medium, or large, display an undeniable aristocratic flair: supremely confident, somewhat aloof even (less so in the warm green and pink quartz), hugged powerfully by triple diamond prongs. The shank is completed paved with color matching stones – colored diamonds, sapphires, tsavorite, and others.

  • Band Rings reinterpret Judith Ripka decorative sensibilities in semi-open bands, presenting gold scroll-work, deliciously detailed, and occasionally accented with shaped sapphires or quartz stones. Reminiscent of James Avery lace Spanish rings.

  • Heart Prongs display an engagement type of ring performed in more casual, dressy spirit – with colored stones, and fluted sterling silver shanks and bezels. Resemble cushion rings in the basic precious metals&gemstone template.

  • Cushion rings, all pave and gemstone, further develop the Monaco design into lighter variations, offering a diamond paved model and a quartz model, where the smaller stone has more space to “breathe” due to thinner surrounding metallic parts. In these jewelry pieces Judith Ripka makes the stress on light elegance rather than rich luxury.


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