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Juicy Couture Bracelet Jewelry (Silver, Gold tone) Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Bracelets

Juicy Couture bracelets represent a series of fashion trends, some of which are ultra modern, others more orthodox. Depending on the design direction taken, the pieces display minimalistic compositions, limited to a chain and a single decorative element, or more complex creations that add on layers of elements, be it another chain or a charm dangling from it. Besides gold and silver tones mentioned in the title, the brand expands the palette slightly to include such sharp colors as black and pink.

While some of the bracelets replicate designs appearing in necklaces and earrings (with which they often form a set), Juicy Couture continue introducing fresh ideas as well. Some of these ideas are really surprising, because they deviate from the lightly elegant course the company usually takes: these are earth tone, dark, gemstone or enamel based decorative pieces with oriental overtones.

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Multi-layered bracelets contain several chains or several bangles that may or may not be linked together (some models were braided). Unabashedly rich in jewelry ideas, they may put on gemstones, or a floral miniature brooch. Other pieces simply gather multiple rings or charms.

  • Script pieces essentially replicated similar necklaces: a thin link chain that holds a "written" word or phrase -- usually the company logo, or something that incorporates it. ID bracelets also fall under this category.

  • Bangles are usually very thin, sometimes outfitted with a charm or two -- and will often be clustered into one of the multi layered items. But there's always the possibility, for customers wishing to keep things simple, to wear just one ring.

  • Chain bracelets display modern fashion sensibility with extra fat links comprising the chain (a nod to hip-hop culture). Usually equipped with at least one charm, some of them transpose to charm bracelets, when nearly every link has a small piece dangling from it.

Other bracelets includes rope, pyramid, and deco pieces. Overall, bracelets form a relatively small segment in Juicy Couture jewelry -- but one packed with untapped design ideas.


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