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Juicy Couture Jewelry Charms Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Charms

Juicy Couture charms include high styled pieces that most contemporary jewelry brands make -- but it's the explicitly childlike, naïve charms that make up its most fun and sprightly inventory. The main source of inspiration for these items is modern culture: sports accessories, consumer products, familiar foods, all find their way into this segment after being reduced in size and reshaped to fit the designer's plan.

The pieces consist of metals, crystal, enamel, and plastic, and exhibit an unlimited range of colors and geometrical forms. There's definitely an "abracadabra" diminishing element here at work, the company playing the magician's role. Some of the charms simply replicate familiar everyday life objects, and may serve as a reminder of the wearer's favorite accessory. Let's categorize the assortment and examine the jewelry more closely:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Sport accessories include balls, ski goggles, football helmets, trophies, swimming flippers, and more. There's usually a touch of pink somewhere, to balance what often perceived as a masculine domain with a color that's often perceived as feminine.

  • Antiques include a series of 19th and 20th century references: a lighthouse, a carriage, a phone booth, a bus, an air balloon, a crown, various padlocks, and more.

  • Shoes comprise, among others, sneakers, platforms, high heels, boots, and so on. These combine references to both sports and fashion.

  • Sweets&Foods include various cakes and ice creams cones, dry snacks (popcorn, pretzels), and drinks such as glass of cocoa with bits of sugar floating on top. All in plastic&alloys of course.

  • Animal charms venture into the cute territory, replicating unicorns, pandas, mice, carousel horses, and cats.

More traditional charms, such as the familiar piece sign, a horseshoe, hearts in various shapes and forms, display less playfulness, presenting classical elegance that would suit a more traditionally oriented audience.

Though not as festive, they represent an important aspect of Juicy Couture jewelry, and will be more suitable on dressy occasions.


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    • Elijah S profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah S 

      8 years ago from Europe

      Pandora, Brighton, and even Tiffany have a pretty wide range of play jewelry. You might want to check out some of my reviews on these brands if you're interested. :)

    • charmstotreasure profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful charm above. This would be great in a jewelry set. Any other types like these?

    • Elijah S profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah S 

      9 years ago from Europe

      Hi Deborah, I think that gold-plating wear is a natural process in jewelry. It occurs as a result of friction, and contact with the wearer's skin and clothing.

      Have you tried contacting the company? They might have a solution for you.

      Also, you might find this link helpful:

      And this Juicy Couture forum:

      Additionally, it's important to carefully clean your jewelry to avoid oxidization continuing after you took it off. If you regularly take a good care of your jewelry, I don't see a reason why not add a charm bracelet to your collection. :)

      Hope you have a nice day,


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This really was not a product review as much as an explanation. I purchased a $120 Juicy necklace that turned to junk in no time thanks to the horrible gold plating. Does anyone have any experience with these charms? Is it worth spending the money on a 14k chain bracelet to add these charms or will they go ugly and lose their plating like my necklace?


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