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Juicy Couture Jewelry Earrings Review (Gold tone, Silver tone, Crystal)

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Earrings

Juicy Couture earrings present focused pieces of jewelry made to produce immediate visual impact on the observer. The brand takes advantage of the fact that earrings hang on eye-level, and develop harmonious designs that tend to consist, in order to avoid distraction, of several large parts. Yet distraction, in a way, is the whole point of wearing jewelry. Juicy Couture know that as well, and equip their creations with significant amount of aesthetically pleasing elements.

Earring department is rich in models, containing both modern and classically oriented pieces that go in line with the brand's design principles. Lines include drop, hoop, and stud based items, some of them combining these forms, other elaborating (like the chandelier earrings). Let's examine the models more closely:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Drop earrings are among the more complex pieces in this department: usually oblong, they combine several materials, display geometrical variety (an unusual geometrical shape, or a curious combination of several simple ones), and often echo traditional, even antique designs. Some of the earrings bear interchangeable parts (small charms or pendants)

  • Hoops constitute an antipode to the drops: slender, they carry one to several dangling pieces -- a charm, a pearl -- and eschew their imperious baroque styling, opting for transparent simplicity instead. The more elaborate pieces add on pearls or crystals on the main ring; alloy, however, (sterling silver in some cases) remains the undisputed master of these designs.

  • Studs, depending on the styling, veer between said transparency and intricacy of the drops. While some earrings rely on the basic round form, growing around a big crystal at the center, others borrow botanical and fairy motifs that permeated the necklace and ring segments: various flowers, red or yellow, butterflies, dragonflies, and so on. Other familiar themes include hearts, piece signs, crowns, and scripts -- the logo "Juicy Couture" being the phrase of choice.


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