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Juicy Couture Jewelry&Fashion Accessories Complete Review-Guide

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Jewelry

Juicy Couture is a well-known brand in the affordable jewelry and fashion accessories niche -- and it comfortably occupies the market's top tier along with such manufacturers as Lia Sophia and Brighton. It is also, like the latter, a "head to toe" company that creates fragrances, hats, gloves, and other products besides jewelry. The company takes advantage of its popularity and incorporates the title logo in several of its pieces, etching it on tiles and charms, and attaching it to necklaces and bracelets.

Juicy Couture target audiences of various age groups and tastes, taking a principally inclusive approach. While many creations will suit only adult, confident women, other, usually more playful ones, were clearly designed for younger girls, and often best reflect teenage preferences.


Juicy Couture jewelry (most often embodies by the charms) can be usefully categorized according to themes. These are some of the more familiar ones produced for the 2009 season:

  • Food: popcorn, cherries, candy, ice cream cones, cakes, and more.

  • Mythical&Religious: unicorns, Buddhas, crowns, horseshoes.

  • Sports: ski goggles, boxing gloves, trophies, soccer balls, helmets.

  • London: two-story buses, telephone booths, boots with the flag on them, and so on.


Juicy Couture is most notable for its unique blend of the classic and the contemporary. The company offers strictly classically elegant jewelry on the one hand, and urban, modern items on the other. But it's those pieces that combine these two characteristics that make Juicy Couture special, allowing it to stand out from the crowd while offering something truly original.

  • Classic jewelry designs concentrate a set of familiar qualities: clear, uninterrupted lines, aesthetic bordering on minimalism, sometimes unapologetically minimalistic, pockets of elaboration and complication, and more. When combined, these features produce a rich mix of simplicity and complexity that reflects, in a general way, the very core of femininity.

  • Modern pieces draw from various urban and contemporary themes, sometimes presented through a veil of pop mythology. Though the aim is clearly to appeal to young audiences, there are also recognizable signs of subversive self-reference and irony -- fashion industry embracing today's culture and quoting itself. This jewelry relies heavily on bright colors, usually pink and yellows.

  • Classic&Modern -- the seemingly improbable combination of the previous two characteristic includes several of the more interesting pieces Juicy Couture manufacture today. When seriousness blends with play, like in this jewelry, the result is an assortment of sophisticated pieces that express both self-awareness and readiness to let go of control, and engage in childlike play, even if for a little while.


Juicy Couture jewelry comprises necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, charms, and watches. Sets consist of two to three various items. Watches, sunglasses and hair accessories exhibit interesting design developments that allow to see the rest in a different light.

  • Necklaces usually fall under the classical category, most pieces consisting of a basic chain and a matching pendant -- "juicy" logo and various heart motifs being the most common. Modern additions include floral (clovers, palm trees, cherries, daisies), urban, and pseudo mythological items. Look out for a single black resin or crystal accent in some of the threads.

  • Pendants, alloy or crystal&rhinestone based, encompass the entire range of Juicy Couture designs, starting with elegant classically designed bows and hearts and ending with perky candy, horseshoe, and peace sign drops. More sophisticated pieces include rhinestone paved cushion hearts and traditionally framed gemstone.

  • Bracelets segment contains the most unusual and risky designs that take liberties with the aesthetic principles of symmetry, color, and unity. While some of the bracelets rely on the familiar link-chain plus dangling charm combo, others deviate, presenting complex multi-tiered (multi-strand, multi-chain, multi-charm) compositions that few brands dare to offer.

  • Rings anchor the risk taking approach evident in Bracelets by displaying unexpected baroque and rococo designs -- sometimes refracted through modern vision -- that verge on the avant-guard nonetheless. Look out for the cocktail and eclectic rings.

  • Earrings too touch the brand's major design milestones. The classic pieces gravitate towards the baroque (like the rings), displaying intricate ornamentation and shaping. Models include drops, hoops, and studs. Earring are notable for their visual unity -- a trait that some bracelets, for instance, were willing to experiment with.

  • Charms make up the most varied department in Juicy Couture jewelry. Most of the designs reproduce everyday objects and items, referring to pop culture in one way or another. Teenage girls are the obvious clientèle, though adults may use these to make a statement of defiance or subversion of the "serious" world out there.

  • Watches usually focus one of the main design themes or motifs appearing in jewelry: a set of rhinestones on the bezel, a charm dangling from the crown, the logo printed on the face, and so on. Timepieces come in round or rectangular shape, equipped with a bracelet or a strap. The watches (along with hair clips and eyewear) provide Juicy Couture with a new dimension, and illuminate the jewelry from a fresh perspective.


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