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Juicy Couture Jewelry Pendant (Gold, Alloy, Crystal) Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Pendants

Juicy Couture pendants reveal how a single piece of jewelry – hanging on a chain, or attached to clothing, or any other accessory – can effectively assist the wearer in expressing her innermost feelings. JC pendants convey an ensemble of meanings, ranging from easy going expression of friendliness, and openness to communication, to less obvious, enigmatic references that essentially distinguish the pieces as modern amulets.

The company designed more than a few collections of pendants (usually combined with necklaces) during the last few years, but most of them incorporate recurring themes – logos, phrases said to boyfriends, hearts in various shapes and forms, and more – that add on a new twist each year. Let's examine some of the latest offerings (2009 season):

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Botanical pieces include flowers (daisies, clovers), trees, and even mushrooms. These pendants can be either completely metallic (usually gold-tone), or alloy and crystal made, the crystals sometimes colored, adding a touch of spring into the mix.

  • Tiles serve as canvases on which crowns, logos, and tantalizing expressions are etched. (The former prove that the brand seeks to associate itself with royalty, even if in half-joking way). Earlier pieces, such as Deja Juicy, include more elaborate etchings such as portraits.

  • Sweets: Candy canes, hard candy, cherries, cakes, and others. These motifs express a secondary but important underlying notion in Juicy Couture jewelry: sweetness of character and approachability. Wearing the sweets can project innocence – or the semblance of innocence.

  • Complex pendants usually combine several of the above mentioned themes. For instance, the dominant heart motif mentioned in necklaces review, puts on various flowers (in the form of crystals), and so on.

  • Traditional gemstone pendants exhibit openwork, and may contain 14-karat gold. These are often designed as medallions, and framed by complementing ornament, botanical, or fairy-like. In all of Juicy Couture jewelry, these pendants are among the costlier pieces.


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