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Juicy Couture Jewelry Rings (Filigree, Script, Crystal) Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Rings

Juicy Couture rings constitute probably the most enigmatic part of the brand's jewelry. Comparatively small pieces, they incorporate elaborate design ideas; rich baroque ornaments, multi-layered alloy vs. crystals playgrounds, and so on. Due to their complexity, the rings rarely combine well with other jewelry, boasting their features best as separate items -- and there's more than enough to grab the casual observer's attention.

Though most of the visual enhancements rely on traditional motifs in one way or another, together they present a modern three dimensional picture. Another modern feature consists of the rings' being adjustable -- an important practical addition that allows (and encourages) exchange and finger alternation. Let's examine some of the models (2009 season) more closely:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Filigree rings consist of a large gemstone set in a silver tone base that's been adorned with delicate Rococo openwork. Botanical motifs and scrollwork coil around the stone, creating a miniature garden -- this is a highly decorative piece that would suit dressy and formal occasions (it might be too big for informal ones).

  • Cluster rings present a pyramid like composition where a medium-sized crystal forms the climax, and a multitude of smaller stones surround the top. It's a complex configuration that Juicy Couture duly exploit by varying the color of the apex; it's round shape is offset by the smaller rectangular crystals, which literally appear to dance in a ring around the large main stone, descending level after level.

  • Script rings establish a link with the brand's other jewelry. A familiar visual theme involving the logo recurs in the script rings and combines effortlessly with matching necklaces and bracelets.

  • Stacking rings echo multi-layered bangle bracelet designs, and borrow a few ideas from Cartier -- polished elegance at its most glamorous and proud. Come in sets of threes, and blend crystal tops with metallic ones. Juicy Couture's lightest jewelry, despite its composite character.


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