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Juicy Couture Necklace Jewelry Review (Gold&Silver tone, Charm)

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Necklaces

Depending on the model, Juicy Couture necklaces can display either classic elegant styling, or playful, optimistic design that's concerned more with fun than elegance per se. The former sort usually consists of a single link chain and a sole pendant: simplicity is just another word for elegance. The latter kind is more varied, ranging from several-chained, multi-layered necklaces to single chained but loaded with charms pieces.

This duality of design tries to reflect the mind and soul of a teenage girl who is also a young adult woman. In other words, the jewelry expresses the fun, light-hearted character of an evolving personality, one that carries the capacity to act and behave in a stately and thoughtful manner. It's both the past and the future. Let's examine some of the latest (2009 season) lines:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Script necklaces include the partial logo “juicy,” but also tiles with longer phrases such as “You will always be surrounded by royalty,” and “You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone” -- which can serve as both warnings and predictions. The first letter in the script pieces will often be paved with rhinestones.

  • Hearts: open and broken hearts, cushion hearts, tile and crystal paved hearts comprise an important segment of Juicy couture necklace inventory. The brand appears to walk gingerly in matters of the heart, sticking to stylish, classic designs even in the most fun designs. Most models can be enhanced by additional charms if a more flirtatious attitude is needed.

  • Various: additional necklaces include botanical pieces (European and Tropical flowers and trees), classically executed bows, various lucky charms (horseshoes, numbers), and urban&pop cultural necklaces with pendant keys, piece signs, and simply rings. Some of the more unusual designs demonstrate complicated closures in the front, and no-pendant chains with faux-pearl and charm accents&stations – among Juicy Couture's most unorthodox jewelry.


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