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Buy Juicy Couture Sunglasses Online

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Juicy Couture sunglasses combine elements visible in jewelry and other accessories with some fresh design ideas. Trademark ornamental motifs such as hearts, crowns, piece signs, the logo phrase, and others, adorn the hoops, and determine the character of each pair. Despite these common elements, designs differ significantly, ranging from serious, utility oriented sunglasses, to more playful, sometimes outrageous ones.

Most of the modifications appear on the hoops (slender to broad), and frame (aviator to heart shaped). Juicy Couture appropriately name some of these designs as "playful" -- these often incorporate pink color, and flowing frame shape. Let's discuss some of the latest (2009 season) and most popular models:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • Aviator sunglasses manifest the instantly recognizable triangular aerodynamic shape. The company offers various aviator models: with or without a rim, with various kinds of bridges (straight or arched; thick or thin), and usually thin hoops. No unnecessary colors or embellishments besides, occasionally a logo.

  • Plastic sunglasses carry a wide, thick frame that merges with a matching rim; single tone or gradating lenses rest within. Some models avoid ornament altogether, opting for one color for the entire pair, others feature various patterns -- leopard, for instance.

  • Fashion sunglasses include several lines: Runway, Bijou, Gossip Glamour, Atlanta, Don't Look, and others. These models usually display at least one unique characteristic -- unorthodox frame or hoop shape, intentionally excessive embellishments, outrageously large logo -- that determines the character of the pair. Fashion references become immediately evident because these shades to everything to avoid routine, boring styling.

  • Party sunglasses differ from above mentioned fashion in that they will usually be spotted on informal occasions, parties, and so on. There's an undeniable element of goofiness to these glasses, be it the "Love You" heart shaped ones, or the Pink Panther archival ones. Either way, Juicy Couture inject an entire segment of their sunglasses department with overflowing, contagious fun.


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