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Juicy Couture Watch (Fashion Jewelry&Accessories) Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Juicy Couture Watches

When a jewelry brand such as Juicy Couture ventures into watchmaking, the result is often surprising in that it doesn't necessarily reproduce designs we witnessed, for instance, in the bracelets. Yet watches, unlike jewelry, carry the clear function of showing time -- they can serve as decorative items too, but their mechanism puts them into working instrument category. Perhaps it's not that surprising that the designs differ so significantly after all.

Juicy Couture watches display several interesting features rarely employed by other watchmaking brands: multi-layered bezels, only partially inlayed with rhinestones or crystals, scripts on the faces, and rotating dials parts.

Color plays a significant role, appearing both on the faces and the straps. JC incorporate both bracelets and straps, and avoid any mechanical complications, allowing the visuals to dominate the timepieces. Let's review some of the latest (2009 season) products:

Copyright Juicy Couture
Copyright Juicy Couture
  • HRH Jelly watches project a bright color -- yellow, pink, blue -- reminiscent of the familiar wobbling snack. The shade covers the strap, the bezel, and an inner ring on the dial, creating a vertical-circular color scheme bound to draw attention. The faces usually incorporate the Juicy Couture logo phrase, and other recurring motifs such as crowns and stars.

  • Rotating disk watches encase a unique mechanism that rotates a disk inside the dial, creating an impression of constant movement. Fairy tale references and Roman numerals also contribute to a sense of magic, or of some sorcery going on.

  • BFF watches present a variety of faces that may include Arabic or Roman numerals, additional indices, and trademark crown and heart motifs. What distinguishes this line is the arch of rhinestones adorning the bezel from twelve to three o'clock -- exactly fifteen minutes.

  • Rich Girl watches are notable for the heavy gold bling of the case and the miniature heart charm dangling from below the crown. It's the most direct link Juicy Couture establish between their watches and jewelry.


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