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Want a Versatile Casual Outfit... Get Out and Invest in Jumpsuits!

Updated on July 4, 2013
Woman sitting with her boyfriend wearing a blue jumpsuit.
Woman sitting with her boyfriend wearing a blue jumpsuit. | Source

Style in Wearing Jumpsuits...

Jumpsuits aren’t just for fighter pilots or housecleaning anymore. Once a utilitarian staple for the workplace, jumpsuits have become both trendy and stylish, with a variety of designers including DKNY, Matthew Williamson, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta embracing them as a fashion revolution. Jumpsuits are now designed for a variety of social contexts, with styles ranging from daywear casual to cocktail chic.

As with any fashion, accessories are key to rounding out the outfit. For elegant jumpsuits, you might choose to add a dash of flash with bold jewelry or a colored belt. If you are going to lunch with a friend, a blazer or sweater can soften the outfit and make it more casual. And, of course, you need to finish the look with the right pair of shoes.

The versatility of jumpsuits have added to their popularity—given the right fabric, they can be flattering on most body types. Jumpsuits come in a variety of designs and draping so find a style, and fabric, that best shows off your curves and hides your trouble zones. Silks and soft jerseys will drape better, for example, than denim, hiding some spots while accenting others. Solid colors, especially black, are typically the most flattering, but prints can take a jumpsuit from bland to fabulous.

To jumpsuit or not to...

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