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Just Natural Hair Conditioner Product Reviews

Updated on November 29, 2015

Just Natural Conditioner For Extreme Dry Hair

Just Who?

Although the company has been around for quite some time, many people have never heard of Just Natural hair products. Brands such as Shea Moisture, As I Am, Kinky Curly and Carol's Daughter have done a great job of positioning themselves as dependable products for women with curls who are choosing to embrace the natural texture of their hair. Just Natural, though, is even less mainstream than the other brands that were just listed. However, this article may convince you that a brand doesn't have to be the center of attention to be worthy of consumer support and loyalty.

Just Natural Extreme Dry Hair Conditioner Benefits

Revitalizes Dry Hair
Improves Hair Vibrancy
Conditions Hair Without Greasiness
Aloe vera
Mango butter
Essential oils of clary sage
Argan oil
Olive oil
Buriti fruit oil
Avocado oil
Pink grapefruit
These and other organic ingredients make Just Natural Extreme Dry Hair Conditioner an exceptionally good conditioner.

Just Natural Conditioner For Extremely Dry Hair

One Of My FAVORITE Deep Conditioners

I personally prefer to use this product as a deep conditioner. Since coconut oil deeply penetrates my hair, I always apply it first to damp hair that has been thoroughly cleansed. Then, I use the conditioner on top of the coconut oil. This product is pretty thick, so I encourage users to be discriminating when it comes to the amount that should be used. Thick, coarse hair may require more product while thin, fine hair will probably need less. After sitting under a heated conditioner cap or a hooded dryer, my hair always feels amazingly conditioned when I use this product. The fact that it contains very little alcohol (placed near the bottom of the ingredient list) is definitely a huge selling point for me. It is, however, pretty pricey; a 16 ounce bottle will cost you about $25-$30 plus shipping and handling. Though it costs more than I care to spend, I will say that it is definitely worth it. It lasts a long time, and I found that I didn't need to replenish this conditioner as often as often as other conditioners when using this product as a deep conditioning treatment. It can be purchased online at Just Natural or at Amazon.

Have You Ever Used This Product?

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An Amazing Leave-In Conditioner

A Leave-In For Girls With Curls!

For one thing, I have to admit that my desperation to find products that were alcohol-free (or with a very low alcohol content) and chemical-free is what motivated my decision to purchase these items. Since they are, without question, rather costly, I hesitated, debated and even procrastinated before making my final purchase, especially with this leave-in conditioner since it was the first product that I bought from Just Natural. After all, with shipping and handling, one product can easily end up costing you $35-$40 if you don't have a coupon. But I must admit that this conditioner is the best leave in I have ever used, especially when I combine it with aloe vera gel. It moisturizes my hair like no other leave-in conditioner, and the fact that it is glycerin-free is a big attraction for me since my hair is already very curly and needs no help in that department. For clarification, I didn't actually combine the conditioner with the aloe vera gel before putting it on my hair; I simply coated my curls with this conditioner section by section. Afterwards, I thoroughly coated each section with the aloe vera gel, and the results were PHENOMENAL on my 3c hair. My curls were defined for a full week, AND they didn't become dry, either! Of course, results will differ on different types of hair. Results will also differ on hair that has not been clarified from other product and chemical buildup and on hair that has in any way been chemically treated. But if you are looking for a great leave-in conditioner for your curly hair styles, this just might be it!

Just Natural Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner | Deep Conditioner for the Best Looking Hair Ever | Nutritive Ingredients Create Miracle Deep Leave-In Conditioner
Leave-In Conditioner | Deep Conditioner for the Best Looking Hair Ever | Nutritive Ingredients Create Miracle Deep Leave-In Conditioner

This amazing organic, chemical-free conditioner contains: Aloe vera hydrosol, babassu oil, horsetail extract, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba protein, sandalwood essential oil, fenugreek extract, rose hip fruit oil, pomegranate seed oil, rice protein, avocado oil, calendula flower extract, olive oil, essential oils of rosemary, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, green tea leaf extract, coconut oil, vegetable emulsifiers, kukui nut oil, jojoba oil, panthenol, vanilla fruit extract, Vitamin E.


Just Natural Conditioner For African American Natural Hair

Conditioner For African American Hair

This conditioner, which is also organic and chemical free, is the least favorite of the three conditioners that I have used. This product just didn't seem to penetrate my hair, and my hair actually felt more dry after using it. Don't get me wrong; the ingredients in it are amazing. However, my hair just didn't respond well to this conditioner, which contains a high percentage of daikon radish seed oil. This ingredient is very significant because its constitution makes it perfect as a substitute for silicone in hair care products and skin care products. Actually, this is not really a bad thing, especially if you want to occasionally straighten your curls with a flat iron; it seems that this particular oil may offer extraordinary protection when it comes to heat styling. As a result, my opinion is that this is actually a great product, but it is not the right conditioner for my hair. As a suggestion, it might work better on hair that is highly porous instead of hair that, like mine, has low porosity. Overall, though, this is still an organic gem of a conditioner. For more information about the basic requirements that all good natural hair conditioners should meet, please check out my ebook below.

The Ten Hair Commandments For Girls With Curls

The Ten Hair Commandments For Girls With Curls
The Ten Hair Commandments For Girls With Curls

This ebook helps curly girls figure out which products will work best with their hair. For example, it helps curly-haired consumers decode ingredient lists so that they can make purchasing decisions that will strengthen and beautify their natural hair while enhancing their natural hair journey.


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