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KKW Beauty Contour & Highlight Kit HOT OR NOT??

Updated on July 10, 2017

KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Kit Medium

Lets open this KKW kit up!

The kit comes in a nude pink bag. A BAG? Yep. A bag. Seems like something I would get with a monthly subscription. Mehh. Continuing, I opened the bag and found another little baggy with the everything in it.

- Contour and bronzer stick (Medium)

- Highlight and concealer stick

- Brush and sponge stick

They look pretty and very neatly packaged. Will look amazing on my vanity, so chic! So I opened it and noticed that there is hardly any product. It’s almost nothing. If anyone who does makeup for a living uses it on clients, they will run out the same day. It is definitely for a “sometimes” use.

I tested the products and they are soft and creamy. I felt I need to apply softly or else it would break. The brush is a soft kabuki brush, which I really like. As for the sponge, I didn’t like it. I feel it absorbs too much product, feel like it will take it all in.

How Kim does her own makeup!

Cake it ON!

I cleaned my face and applied some foundation. This product is meant to contour and highlight, so foundation is necessary. I ended up using my go-to Tarte Amazonian Clay in Light Beige. I first applied the concealer in my T zone and under my eyes in a triangle shape. I lined my cupids bow and on my chin. It applied nice and even with a creamy finish.

I used the “3” method Kim spoke about to apply the bronzer and contour. As I applied it…it broke! The contour side broke off. I was trying so hard to press lightly but it fell out anyway. Ugh. I put it back into the tube and continued.

I started blending the concealer with the brush and it blended great! I loved it. It looks so soft and natural.

The sponge, like I suspected, sucked up everything! I felt like the bronzer was gone. I applied more and used it lightly in tapping motions. I don’t like the sponge and I feel it will be hard to clean since it is attached to the stick. I would say a double brush end would be better rather than a tiny sponge.

Final thoughts

In the end, the results look great! It is such a natural look. Kim recently started going for a more natural look so it makes sense this would be the kind or makeup she makes. I seriously love the result but if you are more into a glam look, this isn’t for you. I can see this as an everyday look but not necessarily for a girls night out.

Like the result, not so much the packaging or sponge. Definitely needs some tweaks taken care of. For $48 I expect better quality. It feels kind of cheap but I am sure this is only a test run and the products will be getting better.


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