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Kate Middleton wedding dress buy similar dresses online

Updated on July 21, 2011

The Kate Middleton Wedding Dress has caused a sensation around the world with many brides-to-be wishing to buy a similar style.

Kate's wedding dress was a well kept secret with many people eagerly waiting to find out who was going to design the dress and get their first glimpse of it.

Kate and her dress designer faced an interesting challenge. Kate was accutely aware of the state of the UK economy and the hardships that many people were facing and as a result wanted to avoid a dress that was too ostentatious.

However, the dress had to be appropriate for the occassion, a historical royal wedding and be able to stand out in the cavernous interior of Westminster Abbey.

I think the dress achieved both objectives perfectly.

Those waiting to catch their first glimpse of the dress weren't disappointed. The dress was elegant, timeless and very femenine and I have found similar styles below which are available for you to buy online from Simply click on the image to buy.

Designed by the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen's right hand woman Sarah Burton, it was a marriage of two styles; Kates subtle, understated and traditional style together with McQueens hallmark of modernity and exquisite pattern cutting.

The main body of Kate's wedding dress was made from silk and the sleeves was made from silk chiffon with chantilly lace appliqued on top.

Through the use of lace, a fitted cut, and subtle padding at the waist, the dress was very femenine in style. At first glance it appears very modest, but on closer inspection it is actually very sexy in a very demure way, and showed off Kate's figure to perfection.

The upper part of the dress was almost corset like, pulling her in at the waist, and her hips were subtly padded to emphasise her slender waist even further.

Whilst Kate doesn't have a classic hourglass figure, the result gave Kate the illusion of the perfect waist to hip ratio.

The dress was almost a classic 50's style, similar to that worn by Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day, and also reminiscent of Grace Kelly's own femenine and understated style.

The back of the dress and the train was beautifully cut and cleverly designed and looked like a budding flower, echoing the fact that Kate is now a budding Princess and future Queen of England.

Catherine wore a Cartier tiara which belongs to the Queen and carried a small bouquet of flowers heavily in symbolism. The flowers included Lily of the valley, Sweet William, Ivy and Myrtle.

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