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Kate Middleton's Temperley Dress

Updated on December 20, 2010

What fun it must be to be Kate Middleton. Every time you step outside the house, people are desperate to know what you're wearing and who it was made by. If you were wondering what the black and white dress she wore to a recent charity event was, you need wonder no longer, it was a dress from Temperley's 2009 fashion line. As fashion pundits note testily without any hint of irony, the sources of her blazer, pantyhose and shoes have not been divulged.

It wasn't good enough for many fashion critics however, critics who insist on calling Kate's style 'bland' and 'boring'. What do they want from her? A meat dress a la Lady Gaga? She's marrying into one of the oldest institutions in England. It's her job to be respectable and bland and classic in her appearance. In fact, one could argue that's about all her job is going to entail for the rest of her life. She'll look bland and lovely whilst she goes around hospitals meeting sick children and petting puppies at animal shelters and opening fetes. Her destiny is bland and classic, and she dresses entirely appropriately for it.

Much of the media seems determined to paint Kate in a fantastic princess light, partially because that's the sort of uplifting tripe that will make us all forget that half of the world is in foreclosure at the moment and partially because all the world loves a princess to be. We're looking at Kate through the eyes of hopped up three year olds wondering why the princess isn't wearing pink taffeta gowns and being accompanied by fluttering bluebirds (which are actually blue) everywhere she goes.

But Kate ain't playing that game. Kate is keeping it more real than a Brooklyn based rapper. She has always had a fairly restrained fashion sense and her upcoming nuptials do not seem to be shaking that. It's a good thing. It indicates a solid, grounded temperament that is not overly influenced by whatever the media likes to shriek about.

Kate probably won't do this, but it would be totally hilarious if she dispensed with the designer clothing and just went with comfortable clothes from H&M or other similarly middle class shopping outlets. Kate could lead a revolution against designer centric fashion, it's a revolution that has already started in many senses, even Lanvin is designing for H&M these days after all. It's all about the common woman, baby!


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