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The War For Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Updated on December 15, 2010
Largerfield for Kate Middleton
Largerfield for Kate Middleton
Valentino for Kate Middleton
Valentino for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's fashion choices are being scrutinized by the general public with far more thoroughness than the evidence with which the UK went to war in Iraq, which says a great deal about the modern world we live in - probably that we derserve whatever dictatorial hell we live in. Don't worry about that right now though, don't worry about anything besides what Kate will be wearing when she walks down that aisle and fulfills a childhood dream held by millions of girls (and the occasional boy) and becomes a princess.

Fashion insiders WWD recently asked several major designers to sketch their suggestions for Kate's wedding dress and the results were... interesting, to say the least. Karl Largerfield's design appears to be garnering the bulk of the attention at this point in time, mostly because he designed it to look Victorian Burlesque, with plenty of frills and ruffles and a high lace collar utterly betrayed by having an open fronted skirt under which long lace up boots are worn. If Kate Middleton's sense of style up until this point can be trusted, its safe to say that she'd rather show up wearing a potato sack than wear anything that entirely garish.

Other designers tried putting their stamp on the royal wedding gown, with Chris Benz deciding that Kate should wear yellow to her wedding because: “I think she represents a new freshness to the monarchy, and it is up to her how modern she wants to shape her role. I think taking risks with a confident, colorful spirit is where it’s at with the royals.”

I think Chris Benz is probably wrong there. Kate has shown herself to be largely demure, entirely pleasant and so traditional her feet are made of bricks dug up from Roman roads.

Aside from the more off the wall efforts, the designs were many and varied, ranging from slimline dresses that seek to show off Kate's toned, willowy figure to bountiful celebrations of throwing fabric at a bride until she's barely recognizable.

Valentino's effort, in which the designers described Kate as a new 'Botticellian Venus" is quite beautiful and eye catching, but my favorite suggestion was, without a doubt, the dress designed by Nanette Lepore, which uses lace in a patchwork style that not only reflects a rather stylish innovation, but also the state of the economy in which Kate is joining the royal family.

Nanette Lepore's wedding dress design for Kate Middleton
Nanette Lepore's wedding dress design for Kate Middleton


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