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Katy Perry Nail Polish - Where to Buy OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish, Shatter and Special Nail Polish

Updated on September 2, 2011
Some of Katy Perry's Nail Designs
Some of Katy Perry's Nail Designs

Katy Perry Nail Designs

Famous singer and songwriter Katy Perry has almost single handedly brought nail art to a new creative level!

Known for posting Twitter pics of her unique nail creations as well as flashing her unique nail art on the red carpet, it is no wonder that OPI, one of the hottest nail polish manufacturers, has given her her own unique line of Nail Polish and Nail Varnish Products.

The picture to the right shows just a few of Katy Perry's unique and fashionable nail designs.

Katy Perry Black Shatter Nail Polish

One of the more popular trends in the O.P.I. Katy Perry series is the "Black Shatter" collection.

This technique gives a crackled/marbled/shattered effect when you apply the special shattering nail polish.

While the Black Shatter Nail Polish can pretty much be used over any nail color, the OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish Collection includes the perfect unique base colors that will really help the crackles stand out. Some of the colors include Green, Red, Turquoise, Pink, Yellow, White and other unique colors that will really help your one-of-a-kind designs attract notice and attention.

OPI Katy Perry Black Shatter Set

For special nights and special occasions, OPI has released the Katy Perry Black Shatter 5 Piece Set.

This collection not only includes the Black Shatter polish, but also 4 unique sparkling base coat colors that will really glam up your beautiful nails.

The colors included in this set are:

  • OPI Nail Lacquer "TEENAGE DREAM"
  • OPI Nail Lacquer "NOT LIKE THE MOVIES"
  • OPI Nail Lacquer "THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY"
  • OPI Nail Lacquer "LAST FRIDAY NIGHT"

How to Apply Katy Perry Black Shatter Nail Polish

Application of the Black Shatter Nail Polish is easy.

Step 1: Make sure Nails are clean and apply your base coat.

Step 2: Apply your nail color as you usually do. You can usually get away with using a single coat as long as it is even. (It also depends however on the color that you use).

Step 3. Allow your nails to dry completely. This is very important to ensure the crack polish doesn't penetrate to the nail color and dissolve it.

Step 4: Apply a single thin coat of the crack polish. (Make sure you do not go over the same section more than once.)

Step 5: This step is optional depending on your preference. OPI "Black Shatter" has a matte black finish so you might want to leave it matte or you can apply a topcoat if you want a high gloss finish.

Katy Perry Nail Designs - Glitter and Rhinestone Designs

Another trend that Katy Perry is famous for is her unique glitter and rhinestone designs like the one shown in the picture at the top of this article.

This Conair Nail Glitter and Gem Kit makes applying these designs yourself a piece of cake.

The "magic wand" makes placement of jewels or rhinestones much easier or you can simply place your nail in the chamber for a dusting of glitter.

While designed for kids, it actually works for women of all ages at a very affordable price.

Nail Art Kits

Even though the Black Shatter kit is one of the more popular collections, Katy is also known for decorating her nails with unique shapes and designs as also shown in the picture at the top of this article.

There are now Nail Art Design Systems available that make applying these designs easy as well. One of the better known products is the DivaBasics SmartStart Nail Art Design System Kit.

It includes a patented nail art printing device that is specially made to easily apply any of the included 29 unique re-usable nail art designs. It also includes six vivid nail art polish colors that are specially formulated to work with the nail art designs for quick bonding. You can create hundreds of new nail art looks in minutes!


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