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Buy Keen shoes in Australia at low U.S prices

Updated on May 10, 2012

If you’re in the market for a pair of brilliant Keen shoes, Australia is one of the most expensive countries to buy them. Due to the limited size of the Australian market and relative lack of competition, consumers have traditionally had little alternative but to pay the horrendous prices charged in traditional shoe stores.

However, that has now changed. Online shopping has revolutionised the way we make our purchasing decisions. Whereas once we relied on a price- quality perception to decide if we were getting a good deal or not, today it’s simple to compare prices for items around the globe from multiple retailers. This has made it much easier to ensure you are getting a good price and also for online stores to monitor prices to ensure they remain competitive.

This is a wonderful thing if you have until now been inflicted with inflated prices in the stores for your favourite products. It's also great for anyone living outside of the U.S where prices for many times can be much higher. For example, if you want to purchase Keen shoes in Australia, instead of paying high prices in the stores you can instead buy them for much less online. Some products, such as Keen shoes, tend to cost a lot less in other countries and with the internet it's now possible to take advantage of this. There are online retailers who can pass on their low international prices and give you great customer service at the same time. Sometimes you can find the exact same pairs of shoes but for a much reduced price - sometimes as much as 50% less. And in many cases you can have your order delivered to Australia quickly and cheaply - in some cases for free.

The discounts available on shoes online are so competitive that some sites offer a price match promise which gives a good indication of the determination they have to be the best value option.

This is great news for consumers as some retailers in markets such as Australia exploit a products’ scarcity for all its worth and charge extortionate prices.

Surely their days are numbered though - the internet gives such great transparency of price and service that traditional retailers will struggle to compete if they continue this way. Instead, they need to focus on differentiating themselves by adding value to the purchasing experience.


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