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Keep a Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy

Updated on November 15, 2010
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Whitney is an expert on piercings and tattoos, with experience in the body modification world.

Belly Button Ring

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a lot of changes, the most noticeable is the weight and size changes at the abdomen. And, if you have a belly button piercing, you're probably trying to figure out what to do with it.

You have two options.

  1. Remove the jewelry
  2. Buy a maternity navel ring

There is no medical reason as to why you cannot keep the belly button piercing throughout your pregnancy. As long as the piercing is already healed and really isn't vulnerable to any infection, there's no reason why you can't keep it.

If you decide to keep the piercing, you'll need to purchase a larger navel ring, as you'll find the standard belly button jewelry isn't going to be big enough for your growing tummy.

During the first and part of the second trimester, you may not have too much trouble maintaining the piercing, but i the later stages, when the navel pops out, you'll find it uncomfortable and problematic to keep in the standard piece of jewelry.

This is where the maternity jewelry comes into play.

Many companies are making larger barbells that can be worn during pregnancy to accommodate the changing body.

In most cases, you'll find plastic navel rings, which is a flexible barbell that will maintain the hole during pregnancy. These aren't always the most attractive, but if you're planning on keeping the piercing after your pregnancy, they get the job done.

I have seen a few long steel barbells, although these don't appear to be that comfortable, as they don't flex with the body as much.

Pregnancy Navel Piercing Complications

If you decide to keep your belly button piercing during your pregnancy, you'll want to make sure that you watch out for any complications.

  • Infection
  • Overall discomfort
  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Tearing

Remember that some discomfort will probably take place as the body readjusts to the new jewelry, but if the discomfort continues and worsens, you may have to remove the jewelry and let the piercing close up during your pregnancy. You want to prevent infection as best as you can, and sometimes the discomfort and irritation can lead to infection.

If you notice any signs of complication, especially infection and/or tearing, you will want to treat the piercing as a new one, cleaning it with saline. You do not want to remove the jewelry, as you don't want to trap the infection within the body; the puss needs an outlet to drain.

If the infection worsens, you'll need to consult your doctor for antibiotics, but do not remove the jewelry, as you don't want to risk closing the infection in your body.

Cesarean Section and Belly Button Piercings

If you're worried about a C-section, you'll just need to talk this out with your doctor. Some will allow non-metal jewelry to remain, whereas others may ask you to remove any sort of jewelry.


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    • profile image

      Todd 3 years ago

      I LOVE pregnancy bellybutton jewelry like in the two photos above!!! However,I must confess that I'm more partial to the photo on top because a mom-to-be in a teeny weeny two-piece bikini is ALWAYS A LOVELY SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ash 6 years ago

      u said one f the options durin pregnancy s to remov it...wil the hole close aftr the pregnancy or u cn still wear t?