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Keep Your Feet Cozy with Garneau Slippers

Updated on November 9, 2011


Sheepskin has been used for warmth and insulation against the elements for centuries, and today’s technology and sophisticated designs make possible the creation of high-quality clothing such as sheepskin slippers. Created by Francois Garneau more than 30 years ago and featuring exceptionally high-quality leather and the finest sheepskin available, Garneau Slippers are designed to meet the demands of an exclusive market interested in total comfort and warmth. Garneau also offers soft, comfortable hats and mitts, all handmade to offer the luxurious, personal feel that people have come to expect from sheepskin products.

Keeping an Artisan Tradition Alive

Sheepskin slippers were first created in the Eastern Canadian townships, and have been an economic factor in those communities for many years, supplying locals with work and an artistic trade. Garneau has lovingly continued this tradition, employing only local workers and using local materials of the finest quality. This ensures that the Garneau slippers are 100% Canadian.

Benefits of Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin has been used for warmth and comfort for many years because of its unique properties. In addition to their softness, sheepskin slippers have medicinal properties and are thought to benefit people suffering from diabetes, help relieve skin conditions, and also help with circulation problems. They not only keep your feet comfortable and dry in the winter, but also in the summer.

Unique Sheepskin Products

Aside from slippers, which come in all styles, including mules for men and women, booties, reverse sheepskin booties, ankle slippers with sheepskin collars, and slippers for kids, other top-quality Garneau products include sheepskin inner soles, replacement soles, mohair socks, knitted hat kits, and knitted scarf kits, as well as warm mitts for those with extra cold hands.

Caring for Sheepskin Slippers and Other Products

Once you have the most comfortable, softest pair of slippers in the world, you will want to know how to care for them. First, when you try them on you should ensure that they are snug. The sheepskin will always be tight at first and will eventually mold to the shape of your feet, while also getting a bit less puffy. Care must be taken when washing genuine sheepskin, leather, and suede, and it is recommended that you use only lanolin soap to cold-wash the surface. Never submerge sheepskin slippers in water, and allow them to dry out of direct sunlight.

With the freezing weather in Canada, cozy Garneau sheepskin slippers, mitts, and hats are highly sought-after. Garneau products are high-quality and affordable, as well as unique. Sheepskin products of this nature, that are manufactured by hand and aim to keep a tradition alive, are far superior to those produced by bulk manufacturing, The natural aesthetics of Garneau sheepskin are enhanced, and you can rest assured that the slippers are also long-lasting.

If you like to be confortable in your slippers, maybe it is time for you to start cocooning!


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