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Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful

Updated on September 12, 2015

Skin protection methods

Nutritional measures

Your skin is too much sensitize about what you eat. It is in fact a product of what you eat.The impact can either be positive or negative.

Vitamin A

The positive nutritional measures include eating vegetables rich in vitamin A.Vitamin A you can easily get it in orange colored vegetables like carrots, orange sweet potatoes etc. They help in the removal of wrinkles.It is therefore very common to see Vitamin A rich products as the ingredients of lotions and other skin products in the market.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B3 rich foods will help your skin get that protective layer of moisture in and irritants out.It is also an important ingredients of common skin products.

Vitamins also contain essential antioxidants thus neutralizing the effects of free radicals.Vitamins with anti oxidants include Vitamin C which is readily available in fruits like oranges,lemons among others.

Drinking adequate amounts of water

Our skin serves as an excretory organs.Certain body wastes are contained in the sweat which passes through the skin. The main content of sweat is water which aids in the removal of the other components.The higher the percentage of water in sweat the better.This is due to its neutralization effect of the other components like lactic acid.It also eases their removal and prevent accumulation on the layers of the skin.

Proper washing of the skin

As an external organ of the body, we have much control over its cleanliness and well being.Washing helps i the removal of the accumulated dirt from both the external and internal sources. However, we can only reap the benefits associated with this if cleaning is done in an effective manner.So how can we achieve the maximum benefits?

Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts which we should always adhere to

  1. Always use clean warm water when bathing.
  2. Warm water helps in maintaining the homeostatic conditions hence preventing negative reactions.Always make sure that the water you are using is not contaminated so as to avoid infection.
  3. Use mild cleansers.Tough cleansers do much harm than good.They destroy the protective layer of the skin, destroy sebaceous glands which secrete sebum which is has the antibacterial and softening effect on your skin.
  4. Apply sunscreen creams when working or staying outdoor.They filter out the harmful rays of the sunlight hence preventing its damage.
  5. Consult a qualified dermatologist.Avoid self medication measures whenever you have problems with your skin as they may cause more harm than good. It is also very important to note that not every cosmetic or cream that you see in the adverts fits your skin.The dermatologist can help you when selecting what is best for your skin.
  6. Avoid strong cleansers as they remove or damage the protective layer of your skin.Choose the mild ones.Never rush to have positive results.

N.B Never rush to get that beautiful health skin you have always wanted to have.It is a biological process which follows a biological timetable.Follow the right steps and you will surely get the right results.

Oranges are rich in Vit C an antioxidant


A diagram showing a section of human skin



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