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Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles For Women With Fat Face To Flatter

Updated on October 17, 2012

There are few better resources for round features than Kelly Osbourne hairstyles for women with fat face. This celebrity is always open to new things and is constantly reinventing her look. For those hunting for the most flattering cut for their features and personality, she is an enormous resource.

The worst thing a woman can do is try to make the features suite the style. This impossible task usually ends in the worst results. The first step to choosing the most flattering cut is to accept what one has been born with. Thereafter, if an open mind is kept, the perfect style will be found.

Osbourne's cuts range in length from shoulder length curls to short, cropped pixie shapes. Most women have an excellent idea of the length they feel most comfortable in but not all cuts are possible. Round features cannot carry off short, cropped bobs because they add width and draw out shape.

Side Swept Bangs

Osbourne often wear bangs. She and other women with round faces should avoid blunt bangs. At best, her fringe is reasonably short and combed to the side. This looks far more appealing on shapes that are wide. Any hopes of a fringe should be banished.

Long bangs are always parted to one side so that the forehead is framed. Styling products can assist in adding length by accentuating layers. Use wax on the ends to make texture blunter and more obvious and always concentrate on the roots at the top of the head to add height.

Kelly Osbourne side bangs.
Kelly Osbourne side bangs.
Side parted hairstyle.
Side parted hairstyle.
The blunt bangs will make the face look fuller.
The blunt bangs will make the face look fuller.

Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are another style that round features struggle to carry off well. They can be modified to achieve great angles, however. When the cut is defined and sleek, with a little extra length in the fringe, the effect is slimming. Sides need to be cropped closely so that no extra width is added. Adding height at the top with additional styling also adds length. Kelly Osbourne hairstyles for women with fat face tend to be tapered so that the widest facial area isn't increased.

Purple Hair Color

Kelly's most recent looks have been the most flattering of her career. Her change from brunette to blonde and purple have left her wearing a sleeker head that has the effect of adding length. Her fringe has also increased in length. The difference this has had on the width of her cheeks is dramatic.

Kelly Osbourne purple hairdo.
Kelly Osbourne purple hairdo.

Textured Hair

Rounder features demand a soft cut and color but texture should not be under-emphasized. Round features are able to carry off both sleek and curly textures as long as cuts are layered. Kelly has worn a blond, wavy mane cut so that longer layers are left at the back. This is a trend that can be seen in all her styles.

Kelly Osbourne curly ends hairstyle.
Kelly Osbourne curly ends hairstyle.
Long layered hairstyle.
Long layered hairstyle.

Adding Height to the Face

Medium length hairstyles that have body balance out the features. Length in a layered fringe covers wider cheek areas to lengthen the look. Extra weight is covered up to form an oval shape.

Kelly Osbourne updo hairstyle.
Kelly Osbourne updo hairstyle.

Framing Face

The key to styling is in keeping the sides narrower than the height. It is possible for rounder features to wear sleek, long cuts. Crop the fringe so that it ends at the chin to achieve a long, framed aesthetic.

View Yourself with Celebrity Hairstyles

Perhaps you are thinking that Kelly Osbourne hairstyles might be perfect for you. Actually, not everyone can pull of this type of look, and you may not want to have your hair cut and styled if it will not look good on you. They are suit best for a face that is somewhat round or oval.

If you would like to know how these kinds of hair will look on you, go to Virtual Hairstyles Makeover. It allows you to see yourself with all kinds of hair and hair colors including Kelly Osbourne hairstyles. Check it out>>

Virtual hairstyles makeover.
Virtual hairstyles makeover.


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