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Kelly Osbourne's Skinny NEW Clothing Line

Updated on December 11, 2010

Kelly Osbourne is barely recognizable these days. She's lost so much weight that if it weren't for her blonde bob cut highlighting that wickedly broad jawline of hers, you wouldn't know her if you stumbled over her in a celebrity scrum.

But what is Kelly doing now that she's completed the first few stages of any young nepotist's life? She's released a single, lost some weight and now she's ready to start her own fashion line. Because having worn clothes for the past twenty years or so completely qualifies her to design them.

As with most celebrities who put out fashion lines, Kelly will be working with an existing major fashion house to create 'her' line, which will probably be created by nameless under-designers who could die tomorrow for all anyone cared. Harsh, but entirely true.

Is this what fashion's come to? People who wouldn't know a needle if it wasn't sticking out of themselves putting out fashion lines that we all flock to and buy not because they're particularly innovative, or even well designed, but because they trigger our aspirational senses and buying them makes us feel a little less alone in the world, a little less entirely worthless, a little less of a waste of oxygen?

The answer to this question can only be yes.

Fashion is, after all, important not because of what it is, but because of what it makes us feel. Fashion is a way for us to distinguish ourselves as part of a specific social strata. Wearing $10,000 shoes isn't an exercise in practicality, it is an exercise in gaining respect from our fellow humans, who we hope will be suitably impressed by the fact that we have gathered enough resources to waste loads of them on shoes and want to have our babies.

This particular fashion line will only be mildly aspirational because its going to be targeted at the mass market of people who watched the Osbournes and secretly wished that Sharon was their mother. (Sharon Osbourne is pretty much the only reason the entire place didn't burn down on any given day.)

Kelly herself said: "It's important to me not to make clothes which I call 'untouchable' clothing. I don't want it to be clothes that only rich people could buy."

That's meant to sound as if Kelly is really down with the common man, but really it's all about the fact that rich people wouldn't buy a fashion line from Kelly Osbourne, so there's no point in marketing it to them. If you're already rich, you don't aspire to Kelly Osbourne. If you're making 6 bucks an hour and spending half of it on plastic costume jewelry however, you might very well regard Kelly Osbourne as something to aspire to.

That's not to say you shouldn't buy things from this line, whenever it comes out. After all, you have to wear something, why not something Kelly Osbourne once expressed an ill-informed opinion about?


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