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Khaki Capri Pants

Updated on March 21, 2011

Why Buy Khaki Capri Pants

Khakis have long been a favorite, so it would only seem logical to combine the popularity and comfort of khaki with the easy wear of capri pants. Khaki capri pants are a great option for the summer when you need a cool pair of pants.

If you think you won't look good in a pair of khaki capri pants, then you should know about the different styles of khaki capri pants. There are more styles than you probably know about, so there is surely a pair of khaki capris that are bound to look great on you.

There are different length khaki capri pants, different colored khaki capri pants, and different cuts of khaki capri pants.

The Many Styles of Khaki Capri Pants

While the styles for men's khaki capri pants are more limited than women's, here is a basic outline of the various styles available for women.

Length: Khaki capris can vary from being just about the knee like a longer short to almost hitting the inside of your ankle. If you're shorter, opt for the shorter length of khaki capri pants. If you're tall, then go for any length because they'll all look great on you.

Style:While there are varying lengths of khaki capri pants, there are just as many, if not more choices of style. There is the cargo style khaki capri pant which is baggier throughout and usually has drawstrings near the bottoms so you are able to tighten them up. They also will have pockets throughout, most often near the waist, behind, and hips. These are great if you're very self-conscious or are on the larger size. They do look great on thin people too, but they're a savior if you have any hips you are hoping to hide.

Tapered or slim-fitting khaki capri pants are more hugging throughout the hip and thigh area and come very close to your skin at the bottom. Think of the old school cigarette pants if you want a good picture. These are great if you are more boy-shaped or are very evenly hourglass shaped. Even hourglass shapes need to be careful, because if you are larger on the bottom, these will make you look disproportioned.

More Than One Style Of Khaki Capris

The other styles are straight-legged or bootcut khaki capri pants. Straight leg will continue pretty straight from the hip down to the cuff, while bootcut will flare slightly at the bottom while remaining straighter through the hip. These are less conforming to your skin, so they are great for all body types. They do hide hips well though if you're worried about yours.

Color:When it comes to colors of khaki capri pants, the sky is truly the limit. If you want pink khaki capri pants, then I am almost positive if you looked hard enough, you could find some. Most traditionally, khaki capri pants come in the light beige color that goes with everything. Khaki capri pants also come in such colors as white, which is great for summer, shades of beige, black, navy blue, olive green, camel, grays, and many more colors.

So, when shopping for your khaki capri pants, these are all things to keep in mind. Darker colors are obviously more flattering, but sometimes looking and feeling cool and classic is more important. You can shop online at or eBay if you like to shop online.

khaki capris
khaki capris


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