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Why Everybody Needs Khaki Capris

Updated on March 21, 2011

Khaki Capris Go With Everything

Khaki capris just may be one of the most versatile choices available in any woman's closet. They can carry you from day into night depending on your accessorizing. It shouldn't be so surprising, because like your favorite pair of blue jeans, khaki capris will go with almost anything.

This is due to the beige khaki that khaki capris are made from. If you think about it, khaki should go with more than jeans. Denim capris are just blue, but the colors that make khaki are yellow, red and blue mixed with white, meaning that your khaki capris will look great with anything you currently have in your closet.

Khaki capris aren't just for summer anymore. You can also wear khaki capris as soon as the weather permits. And unlike white, you can wear khaki between Labor Day and Memorial Day. If you're worried that you're too short or too heavy for khaki capris, then think again.

You do not have to be a 6' tall, 125lb leggy waif to look great in a pair of capris. There are tricks that you should know to find the pair of capris that are best for you though.

Find Flattering Khaki Capris

You first need to look in a mirror and decide if you're bigger on the top, the bottom, or if you're straighter or perfectly hourglass. By now, I am sure you can tell if you are short or tall.

If you're tall and thin, then you can opt for any length capris, whether they're straight cut or tapered. You can also wear comfortably those baggier fitting khaki capris. Longer khaki capris will look great on you, because you have the legs for it. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your legs look half their length.

For shorter women, shorter length capris will look best. If you're thinner, then tapered or baggier khaki capris are fine, but if you're curvier on the bottom, then try going for baggier capris. Anything above higher mid-calf length will be best for you. Try even capris that hit just around the knee.

If you're hourglass or straight shaped, then the sky's the limit as the whether or not you should wear tapered, slim-fit, straight cut, boot cut, or baggy, comfy khaki capris. Stick to the length guide for this though.

The only women who really need to watch what style khaki capris they wear are those with the bigger bottoms. Try to stay away from slim-fitting and tapered styles as these will only accentuate your disproportions. Straight fit, boot-cut or baggy will give you a straighter line between your hip and your knee/calf.

For women who are bigger on the top, just try not to choose khaki capris that are too loose or too form-fitting. You already have thin legs, so don't make your calves and ankles look smaller than they are.You can shop online for khaki capris at and also eBay.

khaki capris
khaki capris


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