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Khaki Suits

Updated on March 21, 2011

Khaki Suits for Men and Women

Khaki suits are made for both men and women. In fact, khaki suits can be a great career change from the typical pinstriped, black or gray suit you currently wear to work. A nice thing to keep in mind is that khaki suits are not just for work either.

That's what make khaki suits so great. They're perfect for the office, but they're also perfect for an afternoon wedding or an evening affair.

It all depends on the cut of your khaki suit to depict where you will be able to wear you suit. For the biggest range of practicality, opt for a khaki suit that is classically tailored, a khaki suit that will never go out of style.

The Wide Variety of Khaki Suits

When you think of khaki suits, my guess is you automatically picture a light beige or light tan suit that looks like something a Colombian drug lord or something from Miami Vice.

While some khaki suits do resemble either of the aforementioned items, it is also important to consider the vast array of khaki suit styles and colors.

There are some very light khaki suits that would be perfect for summer wear, but there are also khaki suits that are perfect for evening because of their rich, deep toned khaki color.

Some khaki suits are very casual, while other khaki suits are rather elegant and classic. You can tell just by looking at the cut of the suit where you'll be wearing your khaki suit to.

If you're looking for a khaki suit that will not go out of style, then opt for a longer khaki suit coat and classic straight hemmed pants or a classic pencil skirt. Choosing a khaki jacket for your khaki suit that is too short is often trendy and you're bound to grow sick of it in no time.

Like your favorite black suit, stick to khaki suit cuts that you normally buy if you want the most wear from it. Try looking at online deals to find even designer khaki suits for less at sites like and eBay.

khaki suits
khaki suits


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