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Kids Temporary Tattoos - Buy Temporary Dragon Tattoos Online

Updated on June 18, 2011

Temporary Tattoos - The Look without the Long Term

Temporary tattoos has to be one of the best ideas around. Being able to have all that body art and glamour with none of the permanency ~ plus being able to change the design as and when the mood takes you - it's great.

Kids temporary tattoos are effectively a fashion accessory, and are perfect for when kids reach that age where they want to start experimenting with make up and different looks. I have a nine year old niece and fake kids tattoos feature heavily on any birthday or christmas list she comes up with, as not only does she love wearing them, she loves that they come off so easily, which means each new outfit or event can have a new tattoo.

Fake tattoos are also a great way of trying out a new design to see if it will suit you, or just to try and fool your friends and family into thinking you've had a real one done.

 Temporary dragon tattoos are a perennial favouite - because they are so versatile.

They cross the range from brightly coloured creations to stark black and white and magical dragons with glitter covered wings. Temporary tattoos are normally applied with water and will either wear off after a few days under their own steam or can be removed with rubbing alcohol ~ always follow the instructions included in the pack.


Other Temporary Kids Tattoos

 One of the great things about temporary tattoos for kids is the sheer variety of them ~ there are designs for practically every subject you can think of.

They range from beautiful temporary butterfly tattoos to dinosaurs and dolphins.


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