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Killstar's June 2017 Collection

Updated on June 14, 2017

Hello my fellow spooks!

So, you may or may not be aware that Killstar, one of the most talked about alternative fashion companies out there right now, have recently released their newest collection of clothing and accessories.

I have to admit that I am already obsessed and so, thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite pieces from this new range. If you have been living under a rock (kidding of course) and haven't seen it by now then you definitely need to head over to their site and get your order placed as already some things are low on stock.


So Much Pink!

Being alternative and finding nice light coloured clothing and accessories (especially pink ones), that match with your personality and clothing style is very often like searching for a unicorn. Impossible, frustrating and usually leaves you in a mild state of despair wondering why you ever tried to opt for something that wasn't black in the first place.

There is often this belief that straying from dark colours somehow lessens how alternative you are. Not only is this a completely ridiculous concept but it also holds people back from experimenting with their creative side.

Needless to say, I am super excited by Killstar's newest pink items, mainly the velvet ones. They have managed to strike the perfect balance between spooky and completely adorable.


I love this two piece bralet and panty set that Killstar have created, the pentagram and bow detailing add to the overall style keeping them in line with their very fitting name ''Sweet Sinner.''


I fell in love with the Adora Velvet Crush dress and although they have this design available in black, I found myself weirdly for me, more attracted to this pink one. I really love the harness strap design and the lace trim along the bottom and feel that the contrast of colours adds more intrigue to the dress as a whole.



Everyone loves mermaids and what better way to show your love for the lethal Sirens of the sea than through your fashion coices. Killstar has created various different designs using this print but my personal preference lies with the Drucilla Lost Lagoon Bodysuit.



(1)The Piper Hexerei Dress -I like the bell sleeves and plain style of this dress. By adding more accessories and jewellery it can easily be personalised to suit the owner. It can't be seen in this picture but the back is corseted which is a really pretty addition to this dress.

(2)The Polly Woven Shirt-Dress -I love the simple plaid material and how it can be just thrown on but still looks as though you have put some effort into your outfit. The cold shoulder, patches and corseted back sets this dress dress apart from those on the market which are similar.

(3)The Bound By Blood Chiffon Dress -This dress just screams ''witch'' with its jagged sleeves and pointed collar. It is completely perfect and the lightweight material allows for it to be easily worn in the summer months.



There are so many new beautiful shoe designs in this collection so believe me when I say it was a hard decision to choose only two shoes to be in my favourites list but I got there in the end.

I love the platform boots and Banshee flats as they are something I could probably see myself wearing on an everyday basis. I think the pentagrams add a really pretty and unusual touch to the flats and I would love to have them as part of my wardrobe.



I really liked this cold brew cup and found the reference pretty amusing. Not only is it awesome and funny but also really useful as the summer creeps in and the need for having drinks on the go increases.

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As always Killstar have outdone themselves with this collection. The detail and style they have combined has created an irresistible range of clothing that can be adapted to suit any spooky individual.

I would love to know your thoughts on Killstar and their newest collection and if you are planning to place an order let us know what you picked by leaving a comment below. Remember to take part in the polls and follow for more similar posts.


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