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Kimora Lee Too Big For Baby Phat At Size 10

Updated on August 25, 2010
Her advanced years make my eyes burn.
Her advanced years make my eyes burn.

The news that Kimora Lee is leaving Baby Phat comes as a surprise to observers in the fashion industry and people who just stumbled across this article and barely know who Kimora Lee is. But this is a story worth reading simply because it is a tale of the rise and fall of beauty today. At 13 years old, Kimora Lee was already an established model. By the age of 16, she'd modeled for Yves St Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Givency, Fendi, the list goes on.

Kimora was the natural choice for Baby Phat, a brand that blended hip hop and high fashion, and for the past decade or so, Kimora has been Baby Phat's leading lady. But not anymore, and it's because, at the age of 35, Kimora Lee is past her prime.

NY Post revealed the real reason for the split, Kimora was just too big to sell Baby Phat:

"Kimora was going over-budget. She'd pay herself a fee to be in the ads, plus she paid her children fees to appear in ads. It costs thousands of dollars to airbrush her because she's a size 10. Plus, they spent a ton of money on body doubles. They would shoot another model in the clothes, and take Kimora's head and put in on her body."

Wow. Size 10? What a disgusting fat pig she must be. Or wait, maybe that's actually quite slim for a 35 year old woman with three children. Maybe Kimora has merely been a victim of the industry she ironically thrived in during her precious teen years, which were no doubt lost to the fashion industry.

It's not an original observation to say that fashion models are ridiculously thin, and indeed, don't actually benefit designers or consumers because someone with a rake thin body can't hope to accurately model what clothing will look like on a real person. It's not original to say that if we moved the industry standard from Size 0 to Size 10 everyone would probably be a great deal healthier – models and consumers alike.

It's not original to note that a woman really shouldn't be put out to pasture at the age of 35. 35 isn't really all that old, not in today's world. But because we're so hyper obsessed with youth and skinniness (which usually come hand in hand – there's a reason why most of the models who do well are under the age of 18 – they haven't had time to develop full bodies yet,) we all, collectively fear getting older.

Personally I'm quite sick of it. Where are all the adult role models? Where are all the suave sophisticates? Where are the older women playing powerful roles in fashion and in film? They barely exist. We're left with watching the latest round of hot new things every year, recycling stars like trash. It's ridiculous.

Youth is fine and dandy, but let's face it, given that we die at around 75 years old, we spend 2/3 of our lifetimes not being young and pretty anymore. Can we please find something to value in maturity? For the sake of our own collective sanity?


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