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King’s wear Last Kings Clothes

Updated on August 5, 2013

Tyga, a hip-hop artist, also founded Last Kings fashion clothing line. Last Kings was inspired by Tyga’s love of Egyptian culture and his belief that we can all be Kings. The clothing lines purpose is to spread knowledge and build a positive future for his music fans. The line has a very heavy influence from art, music and movie culture of Los Angeles, California.


Born as Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson,;however, his stage name is Tyga. Tyga is an acronym for Thank You God Always. He is a very well-known hip hop artist. He is currently signed to Young Money Entertainment. He has not been in the game long. He only started in 2008, but since then he has been making a name for himself in the music industry.

When he felt like he was going somewhere he decided that he needed a clothing line to match his style and attitude. He did just that. That is where Last Kings clothing line came from. He took his style and attitude and produce clothes just for his fans to wear and represent.


Tyga, YMCMB artist, has been teasing around with loyal fans for years with his Egyptian inspired clothing line, Last Kings. Although he already sold tees, hats, and hoodies, which is available for purchasing at his own online shop, he was not expected to drop the official line of clothes until the summer of 2011.

Founded in 2010, he hoped the line will ignite a major movement that encourages individualism and allowing everyone to rock their own style. Last Kings, Egyptian pharaoh, represents royalty. The entire point of his clothing line is to extend royalty to those who wears his clothes and allows everyone’s individualism to surface.

What’s featured in his clothing line?

During Tyga’s most recent upstream movie he mention that he was creating a clothing line called Last Kings also known as final Kings, which represents Egyptians back in the day. Lately he has snapbacks, hats, t-shirts, and hoodies on his clothing line. If you watched “Like Me” you will see Tyga personally representing his clothing line.

For all the queens out there, do not fret he will more than likely put out a selection for you to choose from too. He is also debating about creating Careless planet shirts named after his 2011 album. Don’t worry all merchandise will be available in different colors.

If you are looking for a clothing line fit for a king, Last Kings is the clothes for you. It is new, fresh, and on the up and up. With Tyga’s music career taking off it is time to get in the movement and look like royalty. As you can see the clothing line is still in its early stages as he is debating on expanding it to add clothing for his queens who also should be representing royalty along with adding Careless planet shirts. There is no doubt about it that his clothing line will expand to include everyone’s taste.


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