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Kingsley Coman: Jade rough hands aglow Guardiola

Updated on March 21, 2016

If the first half of this season, the football world has been talking too much about Anthony Martial is close to the end of the season, we have to talk about Coman, is also a player attacks "teen" and make recovery longer anonymous Smallpox.

Between the second half round second leg between Bayern and 1/8 Juventus Champions League, Pep Guardiola are looking for a boost to the home team, when he stalled at how great defense from Italy. Bayern coach looked on the sidelines and "found" Coman. And decided to release the midfielder on the pitch has completely changed the landscape.

Tactically, the presence of Juan Bernat Coman and extended up to two wings, forcing the squad to stretch Juve all sizes. But switching to the first wing attacks deadlock when the ball is what the overwhelming majority of the coaches are doing, especially when teams are looking equalize. The beauty of Guardiola as he Coman put their faith in the right place and at the right time, even with a very fateful belief that he will shine when playing with the team managing.

The story of the players get carried away on loan, but then turned back shot for his team paid no rarity. Even in the Champions League, 2003-2003 season, viewers witnessed a Fernando Morientes hit the net off the crossbar coldly Real Madrid, the team managing type from AS Monaco last quarter-final to advance to the final straight.

Just as the game that day, a contest Bayern - Juventus has a total of 10 goals were scored after two matches respectively. And Coman reconstruction of old Morientes scenario: prove to the team that they are not managing to appreciate his abilities.

Coman's career was only beginning stages, but he had gotten two clubs underestimated. At age 16, he may not sign a new contract PSG, though shortly before he was the youngest player ever to wear the club shirt (16 years, 8 months, 4 days). Coman was the authentic Paris. He was born there, go to the youth team and the first PSG only a dream is capped PSG compete in the tournament climax.

Yet at age 16, he had to move to Italy, to coat Juventus. That is certainly not an easy experience for someone who is too young. At Juventus, Max Allegri saw his potential. But if a star has a high transfer price, seniority played in Italy as Paulo Dybala but also have to wait for the new season is nearly half the weight advantage, how dreamy Coman has the power stone. And earlier this season, fate brought him to Bayern Munich, where he met Guardiola.

One of the strongest points of Guardiola is the key advantage of young players. And at the hands of the military rulers, though slowly, gradually Coman shows the potential of a top star. An injury to Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Mario Götze is inconsistent with the requirements of the coach's tactics opened up opportunities for Coman.

The result was the game or ascending. Few days before scoring once and setting up another goal Juventus out of the Champions League farewell, Coman each establishment "hattrick tectonic" in the game Bremen 5-0 Bayern in the Bundesliga destruction. He is the youngest player ever launched three phase is made up of goals in a Bundesliga match, breaking the old record of Ribery.

"I saw him with Ribery resemblance", Willy Sagnol, former France Under-21 coach, former Bayern defender, told Kicker. "They have speed spurt in short very good, able to tackle great escape. Of course, Coman needs to exercise more if you want to reach the level as Ribery. But he was very young" .

Sagnol was right. Coman very young. He was 19. At that age, the world did not know Ribery was. "The guy scar face" has struggled to express themselves in the club like Boulogne, Ales, Brest, Metz, Galatasaray and Marseille before shine at World Cup 2006 World Cup in Germany that day, Zinedine Zidane retired from golf grass, leaving the task to lead the attack France for Ribery. Ten years later, it seems that Ribery has found an heir, also in Germany.

Champions League this season, not many stones Coman, but had two goals and five tectonic phase, more than any other French player. With 16 times directly involved in goals (6 goals, 10 phase is made up of the table) in all arenas, Coman player "teen" had the best individual achievement in the top European league season this, more than Dele Alli (Tottenham) are in the UK by storm.

It is practiced, throughout the game's top stars, Zlatan Ibrahimovic from, Edinson Cavani, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Lucas Moura at PSG, to Arturo Vidal, Andrea Pirlo, Juventus Carlos Tevez in the ranks, until Ribery, Robben, Muller, the current Bayern Lahm ... help Coman advances. Say not so, he set a year with many other young players set three years.

Coman's loan provision allows Bayern buyout for 20 million euros. And after a great rendition of the past, Bayern will not mind what triggered it by the end of this season.

In the last years working with Bayern, Guardiola can not know the team's Champions League or not, but at least he has to be the development of the club's two stars: a Douglas Costa and a Kingsley Coman. Both played well at both wings, the future will be a pair of "new Robbery", patchwork wings to dreams of flying high "Oh Grey".


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