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Kitten Heels vs High Heels

Updated on October 4, 2010

Audrey Hepburn wore kitten heels you know. If that alone isn't recommendation enough for you to purchase a pair of kitten heels and relish the comfort and style of the kitten heel, which has just enough lift to define you as a lady, but not so much lift that your Achilles tendon gives up the ghost, then this is a sad, sad day. Why would you not want to slavishly follow the choices of a 50's fashion icon? You know, if Audrey Hepburn were alive today, we'd still all be discussing whether or not Lady Gaga has man parts. Because times have changed. Standards have dropped.

But seriously, kitten heels really do have a place in the closets of women around the world, for they have all the feminine style of the stiletto or high heel, but without the pain and potential damage to the body. Sure, they have fewer ' the lady, she is a vamp' connotations, but that's not necessarily such a bad thing. If you feel the urge to desperately flaunt your femininity boosted by four inches of heel every time you walk out the front door, maybe its time to reevaluate what really matters in life.

Kitten heels were a topic of discussion in the most recent edition of Net-A-Porter, where the two shoe options faced off in a wordy battle royale. As can be expected, the high heel side of the argument eventually came down to the point that I made in the paragraph above - that high heels are a crutch for women, just like red lipstick. The fact that needing a pair of high heels to feel good about yourself is a very sad way to live appeared not to factor into the argument at all.

On the kitten side however, once the writer had finished batting about a ball of yarn and skipping about the place in a way a woman in high heels never could (high heels? why not simply call them 'high hobbles' and be done with it?) she (or perhaps he, the author was uncredited and one should never simply assume gender, one should track it down like Sherlock Holmes,) made the inevitable point that kitten heels are stylish, feminine and actually allow movement.

Of course, in an attempt to be mildly balanced, I do have to concede that kitten heels will not make you look quite as tall as high heels will. Fortunately for women, being tall is not as important as it is for men. Did you know that taller men earn more? Interesting, yes? Perhaps its time to gift the high heels back to men who need them to boost their earnings potential and be comfortable in our charming kitten heels.


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