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Knee High Nylons

Updated on January 16, 2015

Knee High Nylons Stockings

Knee High Nylons

Knee high nylons are the more popular of the 2 most common nylons or support hoses. The other being thigh high stockings, where not only are they more expensive, are considered less comfortable to that of knee high leggings.

Knee high nylons are also much easier to wear. In addition to all this, it is proved that both provide equal amounts of support. And so we ask: If they provide the same benefits and one is more comfortable but also cheaper, why would you ever choose the other?

There are many brands out there to choose from, but not all are of the same quality. Many women go through phases where they are sick and tired of paying over the roof for expensive stockings when they rip after only a few uses.

As a result, they opt for the cheaper options. However, the truth is, quality is always over quantity. Brand name nylons such as Mediven have top quality support stockings that can also range in the level of compression each one provides.

Choosing your first pair of support stockings or knee high nylons can be an exciting but yet daunting task. However, simply find the correct length to which you are comfortable. This can be even further narrowed down by choosing the right fitting calf sizes to make it more comfortable and the overall effectiveness of the knee high nylons. The beauty of it is that nearly every apparel store will stock some sort of stockings of your liking to the extent that even supermarkets and dairies these days will have them!

It is always a good idea to just purchase a set to test out before you buy a whole pack. Buying single sets are often more expensive, but you will be wasting more money if you end up buying more than one and it turns out they do not fit or are not exactly what you had in mind.


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