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Knaughty Knee High Stockings

Updated on October 13, 2009

The knee high stocking is often overlooked in favor of more practical, prosaic socks, or longer stockings or pantyhose, but it is overlooked to the detriment of the hosiery lover who is missing out on a world of fun, fine hosiery. Knee highs were originally created as a 'cheats' way to look as if they were wearing hosiery under a long skirt without having to actually go to all the hassle of wearing full stockings or pantyhose.

Nowadays, the Knee High Stocking has evolved in its own right and instead of being a shameful secret, it can be celebrated as the center piece of an outfit.

Omsa Perth Knee High Stockings

These gorgeous knee highs are made by Italian designer Omsa and, as at the time of writing, have a fairly limited availability. You can purchase them through Zodee, where all the Omsa knee highs I'll be reviewing here today can also be found. These knee highs feature a darling contrasting tartan pattern that is sure to draw looks and compliments wherever it is worn.

Omsa Naif Knee High Stockings

Omsa does it again with these stunning purple knee high stockings. With a sweet printed back seam reminiscent of vintage stocking styles, and an elongated floral motif at the top of the stocking, these are stockings that were meant to be seen. If you want your outfit to make a statement about originality, style and grace, these are the knee highs for you.

Christmas and Lace

If you like Christmas and lace, these stockings will be perfect for you. With sweet little lace and satin bows around the top, these red and white striped knee high stockings will look cute as part of a naughty elf outfit or other festively themed outfit.

Stirrup Knee Highs

Now these are the knee highs to wear when you want to stand out in a crowd. A little bit formal, a little bit corporate, a lot adventurous, you are going to be hard to ignore when you step out of your house and into the boardroom wearing these snappy knee highs.

Sporty Knee Highs

If, on the other hand, you're looking for something altogether more sporty, why not slip into a pair of these double white striped knee high stockings that could almost pass for sports socks, but not quite. It's sheer cheeky genius!

Ahoy! Nautical Knee Highs

Perhaps you're feeling a longing for the sea, singing shanties and getting blitzed on rum. These incredibly cute lace topped nautical themed knee high stockings will express your nautical inclinations without the need for a mermaid tattoo. These last four stockings are all available from 3 Wishes.


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    • Rachel Pantyhose profile image

      Rachel Pantyhose 8 years ago from Oceanside, California

      I love these!

    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I wear knee highs during summer when it gets too hot for pantyhose. Normally my standard dress shoes for work are close fitting enough to wear them without socks.

      Those ones are very sexy though. I may have to get some and increase the stares i get on the train now when i flash a smooth ankle and calf.

    • awsydney profile image

      awsydney 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Looks great, I'll get my wife to consider some of these although I haven't seen a lot of women wearing them here in Sydney.

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 8 years ago

      It's funny how fashion has a way of going in cycles. I actually like these. And I'm surprised that I do.


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