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(K)naughty Knee High Stockings For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

What are knee high stockings? They're like socks, but far more lingerie-y. Knee high stockings were designed for women who wanted to appear to be wearing stockings, but couldn't actually be bothered wrapping stockings all the way up to their thighs. Who has time for that sort of thing anyway?

Knee high stockings are nice for men who want to incorporate a little innocuous lingerie into their every day attire. In some cases, knee high stockings may even be indistinguishable from socks. Bonus secret lingerie!

Lets have a look at some prime examples of saucy knee high stockings...

Jonathan Aston Presents...

These 15 denier knee highs from Jonathan Aston demonstrate the allure of the knee high admirably. They're cute, short, practical and look good on their own or as part of a larger lingerie ensemble.


Tiger Knee High Tights

You'll definitely be able to get away with wearing these tights, look at them, they have tigers on them, what could possibly be more manly than that? From Pamela Mann, these unique high fashion knee highs could be just what you need to spice up your lingerie collection this season.

Wolford Knee Highs

This wouldn't be a stockings article if I didn't mention Wolford. (Well, it would be, but it wouldn't have these pretty sweet stockings in it, and I think we'd all be the poorer for that.) You may notice that the model in this picture is wearing the stockings with the seam to the front of her leg. Is this some kind of terrible lingerie model accident? No. This is the new trend this season, putting the seam at the front of the stocking. It's so innovative and in right now. Spring 2010 is going to bring a similar trend, with panties worn on the head, rather than the butt.

Over The Knee With Jonathan Aston

These stockings push the boundaries of the article, but you should be aware that over the knee stockings exist as well as knee high stockings. The difference between the two is fairly self explanatory. These stockings are described as being socks, but anything with a denier rating is hosiery of the stocking / pantyhose kind in my book.

Men often eschew knee highs for their longer cousins, but if you haven't tried a pair, you might find that you enjoy them. They can sometimes be a little cheaper too, which is nice when you're on a budget, though if you seek the higher quality of a premium brand, be prepared to shell a few clams out for it.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I like to wear sheer knee hi's or over the knee sheer socks. Along with my pantyhose of course.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Much moreso than panties, knee highs are what I wear when I truly feel the need to push boundaries. I wear them to work occasionally in place of socks. On one occasion a couple of young ladies were staring at them but they didn't say anything. Wearing knee highs under pants for me is daring and plays into the old wanto get caught/don't want to get caught dilemma.


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