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My Mom Used These Remedies for Her Wrinkles and Also Suggested to Me, Skin Care Part-02

Updated on November 8, 2021


I know wrinkles are worst but I think we can be dominant over them, but how? There is always a way to control something. Like that, we can control wrinkles , prevent their appearances before time. And I am gonna share the easiest way with you.


In our life we see many people who has major appearances of wrinkles on their face but they don't have such old age and some has a very flawless and full of shiny skin but they are old. It's all about your diet that what you are having in your diet? how much you do care for your skin? Or what products you does use? How you balances your pH of skin? How you keep it hydrated? and of course your workout? Your skin needs a lot of water for hydration.

To minimize your wrinkles or to remove them, I am gonna tell you some of my favourite home remedies which I and my mom uses.

My History:

I am 20 years old so why I chose to use them at this young age? I used because I am going to my 30s. And from this age I think, women should do start to use them. Why? Because this is the age when your hormonal system starts to disturb, you don't have a proper diet, you don't have a proper skin care routine, you don't have a proper sleep, you don't do a proper workout. You just wants to focus on studies and go for a late night party with your friends.Your shoulders are full of burdens and pressures. Most of skin problems starts to happen at 13-14 young age and lasts till 25-30 mostly. So, we should press the start button at 18. After 30, wrinkles begin to appear anyway. If you start taking care of them before time, you skin will stay tight for a very long time.

My mom History:

My mom is 35 years old. So, she definitely use them. But the fact was that, she had wrinkles at 28. My mom never used any market product, she always go to the natural things so that was the time, when she did a lot of experiments and finally found these best ones.

Home Remedy 01:


1 egg white.


Separate white and yellow part of egg and take egg white, apply it on your face and neck for 30 minutes.

Egg white is best for tightening and firming. It is rich in vitamin A, so helps in reducing wrinkles. It has additional benefit of reducing open pores.

Home Remedy 02:


4 tsp milk powder.

2 tsp orange juice.

1/2 tsp honey.


Take all these ingredients, mix them well and make a paste. Apply it on your face, neck and the areas which prone to the wrinkles, for 20 minutes, then wash off with cold water. Don't forget to moisturize your skin posted. You can store it for 2-3 days.

Home Remedy 03:


1 egg white.

2 tsp milk.

Grated half an apple.


Mix all these ingredients together. Apply it on your face and neck, concentrating on the corner of your eyes and around your mouth for 25 minutes,then wash off with lukewarm water. You can't store it.

Home Remedy 04:


Paste of half an avocado.

2 tbsp fresh cream.

2 tbsp flax seeds.

1 tsp honey.


Mix all these ingredients and make a puri. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it for an hour at least. This is best for anti-aging. Use this mask regularly for stunning result.

Home Remedy 05:


Grated small piece of papaya.

Grated small piece of banana.


Take small pieces of papaya and banana, grate them, mix them together and make a paste. Apply it on your face and neck for 15 minutes, then wash off.

Home Made Rice Cream for Anti-aging and Wrinkles:


A cup of rice.

A cup of water.


Take a cup of rice, soak them in water for a night. Next morning, grind it, strain it and separate the rice water. Now insert this rice water in a pan and cook for few minutes on low flame to give it thick consistency. When it becomes thick, save it in a bottle. Use this rice cream for two weeks at least to see effective result.

This cream is inspired by Korean skin care products. It is best for wrinkles. If you have premature wrinkles then you should give it a try.


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