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Korean Plastic Surgery

Updated on March 26, 2013

Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is growing more and more viral and having greater acceptance in North America but in Korea plastic surgery is so common that 1 in every 77 person has had some kind of plastic surgery done. Although America still has more surgeries done in total Korea definitely has more people to population going under the knife. Why is this? Well in Korea plastic surgery is like make up instead of wearing make up they do plastic surgery. In America make-up is very much part of most women’s everyday routine and in America we wear make up to enhance our beauty. In Korea they use plastic surgery to enhance their beauty oppose to wearing make up. Plastic surgery is not only popular amongst the females but just as popular amongst the males.

According to ISAPS in 2011 15 million people worldwide has done plastic surgery and in 2010 just over six million plastic surgeries were done. Korea has been ranked number 7 in amount of plastic surgery procedures done in 2011 and ranked 8 in 2010. The most popular procedures done in Korea are double eyelid surgery, nose reconstruction, and shaving of the jaw line. Globally; liposuction, breast augmentation, and eyelid surgery is the top surgery procedures done and for nonsurgical procedures the top three are Botox, anti-winkle procedures, and laser hair removal.

In Korea, it’s also one of the cheaper places in the world to get plastic surgery. Compared to North America the prices can be a big difference. For example, to do double eyelid surgery in North America it cost about $3,500 while in Korea it will cost about $1,300. For breast augmentation cost $6,000 to $10,000 (it can cost more depends on the person and what needs to be done while in Korea it will cost about 3,000 up depending on what you want done again. So you save %20 or more if you get plastic surgery done in Korea although you do have to remember that you have to pay for air fair and hotel and any other travel expenses.

To see some plastic surgery results you can search kpsurgery on tumblr. This is a site that has complied a lot of different cosmetic surgery girls have done in Korea.

If you are looking to getting surgery in Korea the following websites will be able to give you a lot of information on how to go about doing that.

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