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Korean beauty secrets

Updated on August 7, 2015

Korean women use many steps in their beauty regime. Their distinguishing features are porcelain, flawless white skin, graceful figure and smooth shiny hair.

Here are some secrets to learn the mystery of Asian inimitable beauty .

Skin exfoliation

First concern is state of skin.Brushing face every day with a soft-bristled brush improves blood circulation and helps skin to be purified better. It’s also a great help for preparing your skin for better absorbtion of serums and creams you put on. For exfoliating purposes you can use a Clarisonic or another cleansing device.

Slapping a face

Asian girls has a very specific way of applying creme and makeup. Instead of rubbing product into the face, they slap it on.

Women in Korea do believe in beneficial effect of slapping their faces for better circulation and elevation of the skin energy.

Sun protection

Another great concern in skin care in Korea is sun protection.

Even if you use a make-up foundation with sunscreen, make sure to protect your skin, despite the weather.Find a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection, as these both contribute to aged and damaged skin.

It will prevent early wrinkles and give a perfect tint to a skin.


Asian women pay a great attention to hydration. They hydrate it throughout the day, by splashing their faces with mists and moisturizers. Hydration also helps to prevent wrinkles.

Natural is good for your skin

If you consider of having healthy and clear skin, mind what you eat, as the food has the great impact on its overall state. Korean women eat plenty of vegetables and consume lots of water to make their skin glow. So if you want to have a beautiful flawless skin, look for unprocessed, nutritious and natural foods. Ginseng, green tea and kimchi are often used in Korean skin care.These are all proven remedies with great benefits for your skin. Quite often women wash their faces after rinsing rice for giving their skin a youthful glow.

Oil cleansing

Choose an oil, instead of a cleanser. Oil-based skincare procedures are very popular in Asia. Cleansing oils work very well, because oil dissolves oil, while unclogging pores and removing dirt out of them.

Spa treatment

Besides applying hydrating and nourishing masks at home, it is also beneficial to go to the spa every week for treatments.The spa tradition in Asia goes back hundreds of years. “Geishas used a special still device, with which they boiled water under beneficial flowers. This silk was applied to the face for a nourishing mask, long before masks became known to the wider world. Skin care technology in Asia is very progressive in general.

Double cleansing and makeup removal

Makeup removal is practiced religiously.

Asian women always practice following way of makeup removal.

First rubbing oil all over the face.

Second application of foaming cleanser, followed by rinsing with water.

Foam cleanser is better for oily/combination skin, while milk cleanser is better for dry and sensitive skin.

Cleansing with oil before using face wash is known as double cleansing.

The first step of the method is to apply an oil based cleanser to the face to remove any makeup and traces of oil.

Next, apply a foaming cleanser to remove dirt. This is because there are different types of dirt that can be removed with different types of cleansers.

​This two-step cleansing approach guarantees smooth, radiant skin as well as unclogged pores.

Balanced pH levels are vital for skin, and toner is a perfet treatment for that.Using a toner helps to reduce the size of your pores and refresh your skin. It is a key step in your skin care routine. Apply your toner after cleansing and before moisturizing.Opt for alcohol-free toners as alcohol is drying out the skin and could provoke irritations. Apply it with a cotton pad or with fingers .

Face masks

Asian women are great fans of face masks.

Paper masks are the most popular, but an egg white, honey, cucumber masks are also practiced.

They also use ice cubes application on their faces to reduce swelling and slim it down.


If you want to have a healthy skin,You must keep routine of 6-8 hours for the sleep. It helps to remove dead skin cells and make you look refreshed.


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