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Kurt Cobain Converse Sneakers

Updated on November 23, 2011

The Commercialisation of Kurt Cobain

It had to happen didn’t it; the commercialisation of Kurt Cobain. Along with the albums, sorry CDs, sorry downloads! it is now possible to buy Kurt Cobain Converse sneakers.

I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise and despite his fight against all things commercial (whilst at the same time desiring fame), these things are inevitable. Backed by Courtney Love and the estate of Kurt Cobain, these Converse Sneakers come in a variety of patterns with sketches and sections of lyrics by Kurt. Also, on each one is a copy of his signature.

One of Kurt Cobain’s biographers recalls that whilst in his teens, he had a friend whose parents bought him chequered sneakers al la Cheap Trick. Kurt’s parents could not afford this and took a biro and drew squares on his own plain ones.

So, should a Nirvana fan buy Kurt Cobain Converse sneakers? Well, this probably comes down to individual conscience. It most ways, it is pretty much everything that Kurt railed against and let’s be honest, Kurt himself wore plain black sneakers because he wore everyday clothes like other people in Washington near Seattle.

Of course, this was the look that Kurt quite naturally had, it wasn't adopted or designed. At the end of the day, Kurt was a small town boy originally into heavy metal and other pretty naff stuff. I can kind of identify with that as I also have some embarrassing ‘likes’ from my teens but like Kurt, thankfully, I’ve always had an enquiring mind and have been open to new discoveries like for example discovering the music of Earth, led by Dylan Carlson, Kurt Cobain’s best friend.

So, a tragic fashion statement or not? I would say yes, and in my opinion a pretty sad one. I would like to think that every fan of Kurt and Nirvana would boycott this type of thing and stick with the correct punk rock attitude that it is always about being yourself, not a clone, especially of a rock star!


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