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Kurt Cobain Sunglasses

Updated on January 17, 2012

Kurt Cobain Sunglasses - Still Cool after all these Years

Sunglasses have for some time been almost compulsory in rock n roll. John Lennon wore them as did Lou Reed and Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople. However, perhaps none are as popular as Kurt Cobain sunglasses.

Over the years, there have been many photographs of Kurt Cobain wearing sunglasses. However, these were often not ‘cool’ ones like Lennon wore for example but were quite nerdy and geeky. This is very likely a reaction to his hatred of rock stars despite that fact that he was aware that he had joined that club already, something which he continually struggled against.

Another possible reason for Kurt wearing sunglasses so often is that he was most definitely not a publicity seeker and generally hated doing interviews or even really being in the limelight very much at all. It is claimed that he would often not go out for weeks even before Nirvana really took off and would instead stay indoors writing songs and practising his art. Of course, some would perhaps argue that the reason for the Kurt Cobain sunglasses was to hide the pinholes in his eyes caused by his heroin use but I suspect it was probably just another way of hiding – ever notice how much more confident you feel when you are wearing sunglasses?

Perhaps it is a surprise that even today, coming up to nearly twenty years after his death, there is still so much interest in Kurt and Nirvana. It is still extremely common to see kids wearing their tee shirts who would not have been born until after he took his own life. Perhaps it says something about the staleness and conformity of the rock scene ever since.

But trends come and trends go yet it still seems that sunglasses play an important part of any rock fashion and with the continual and perhaps increasing interest in the music of Nirvana, it looks likely that Kurt Cobain sunglasses will continue to sell and sell.


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