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Kylie Jenner Makeup

Updated on June 29, 2017

Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner lips

The infamous plumped up lips of Kylie Jenner is a star of their own and everyone wants to know the color. I'll be listing some dupe worthy lippies that looks just like hers. And to answer your question lip liner will not make your lips look like hers because she also has lip fillers. The key to getting the perfect color follow this ..

  • Line lips with one of the liners listed
  • Fill in lips with one of the lipsticks listed
  • You're done now feel free to take as many selfies as you want :)

If you want a general gist of her lipstick color it is basically a sultry mauve color. If you are looking to get bigger lips please don't try the kylie challenge, if you are of have and serious set up an consultation will a plastic surgeon for legal lip fillers and injections. And when you are lining your lips please don't follow the trend of over lining, it looks clownish and is very obvious. You should line onto of your natural lip line, not over it.

Kylie Jenner Lipstick

Mac "Whirl" lip liner

Mac "Craving" lipstick

NYX soft matte lip cream in "Cannes"

NYX lipstick in "Mauve"

NYX lip liner in "831 mauve"

Mac "faux" lipstick

NYX lipstick in "Thalia"

Kylie's Makeup tips and dupes

Kylies eyebrows can be accomplished by shaping your eyebrows with a higher arch then filled with a eye pencil or eyebrow shadow/ gel. If you are having problems with this YouTube is flooding with many eyebrow tutorials, good luck.

Eyelashes- Eylure Texture #154 false eyelashes.

Blush - This warm sultry blush she uses really contours the frame of her face. MAC blush in "Fleur Power" Is a great dupe. Also her blush starts right under her cheekbone and 1 inch away from the corner of her lip and an inch above her jawbone.

Eye shadow- Her eye shadow is a soft purple brownish shade that can be picked up at any store near you and recreated using your own eye shadows.

Kylie Jenner challenge gone wrong


Kylie Jenner challenge

Kylie's lips have been so envied people, mostly teens and young adults have been attempting to plump up their lips from using various things such as shots glasses, bottles, tops, and even cups. This challenge immediately went viral and many people started to record themselves on social media and were shocked at what they saw. This challenge quickly turned dangerous as people have been rushed to the hospital from rupturing their lips. Let alone the bruising and scarring wasn't enough but their lips exploding.

Kylie Jenner hair

Blue hair- Kylie Jenner's blue hair can be achieved by following these steps. This blue ombre bob like hairstyle is quite easily achieved when done right .

Things you will need

  • Part 1a Pravana Chromasilk 3N & 10 volume developer (Dark Blue)
  • Part 1b 2 parts of Pravana VIVIDS green & 1 part of Pravana VIVIDS blue (Teal)

-Apply part 1a mixture to the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends and allow to light color in your hair to your liking then rinse out. Shampoo and condition hair after rinsing out. Next, apply mixture part 1b where the dark hair ends and the light hair meets. Apply that mixture 1 or 2 inches down the hair. Wait 15 to 30 minutes depending on your hair then rinse with cool water. After you are done with this shampoo and condition is up to you then you're ready to style as usual.

Caution - Try at your own risk. I suggest speaking with a hair colorist before attempting or setting an appointment.

Kylie Jenner Outfits

Kylie Jenner style

Kylie's grudge bohemian look is turning heads and causing a stir in fashion especially with teens and young adults. Her edgy clothing isn't too hard to recreate she even has her own clothing line shared by Kendall Jenner. Some clothing pieces I see her rock are a round tee shirt, green bomber jacket, distressed jeans, leather ankle boots, and a muscle tank top. This style is very diverse and needs to be switched up to become dressy. A cute tank dress for example can easily be dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. In this video you will see awesome look alike outfits for an affordable price , hope you guys enjoy.

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