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Kylie Jenner Shadow Kit

Updated on August 9, 2016


Kylie dropped a surprise bomb on us all when she announced two weeks ago that she came out with her first ever eye shadow palette.The surprise didn't stop there because she had been secretly wearing it for months in advance, and we had no idea!

The way she wears her palette is with very soft caramel shades and light strokes of her brushes. She doesn't put a lot of product on her brush and she just barely puts any on because she builds the product up over the course of her makeup routine.The way she creates the look is to make even dark brown eyes pop in every picture!

The shadow palette includes 9 shades of the nude/bronze spectrum. She has shown us for quite some time that bronze compliments her best in her make up shades. These colors make it very easy to create contrasting eye looks and it is possible to use all the shades in one look for whatever your occasion is.The best quality is that the matte colors are consistent when applied! This means that blending the shades together is effortless and fast without leaving streaks or inconsistency on your eyelids.

When you first get your "Kyshadow Palette", the box is designed with her flavorful black drips covering the top and it's original to the sense that, she uses simple contrasting colors to make the colors inside be her main focus.

What are the Shades in Kylie's Palette?

Colors that are in the "Bronze Palette" are in the same order as the palette shows below.

*Jasper (A creamy beige)

*Quartz (Champagne gold shade)

*Topaz (Taupe color)

*Goldstone (Bronze)

*Citrine (Matte bright orange)

*TIger Eye (Matte golden Brown)

*Hematite (Matte chestnut brown)

*Bronze (Chocolate Brown)

*Onyx (Matte Black)

Kylie's personal snapchat
Kylie's personal snapchat | Source

Sold Out?

Kylie showed on her snap chat the shades and how absolutely matte and shimmery they looked on her skin tone. The palette carries its values from the fact that all the colors are pigmented and can be applied in small amounts to create a dramatic look for any occasion. Almost immediately the palette had 300,000 people on her site in demand for it. In less than 10 minutes it was already sold out!

The palette sold out almost immediately and the demand is still high for when it does go back in stock, so what can the rest of us do when we want the look, but don't have the palette?

We can work with what shades we got and use her same techniques to apply it for the maximum effect.In the video below Kylie's makeup artist shows the technique on how he applies her look.Enjoy!

Get The Look Without Kylie Cosmetics!

We don't need a Kylie Bronze Palette, we are skilled with our shades and we can work our contouring techniques to create a bronze look on ourselves.

I believe the Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette includes similar colors to Kylie's kit and also create a beautiful matte shade.

Modern Renaissance Palette


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