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Updated on October 5, 2017

For men, there is no disputing the fact that money and other important cards needs to be carried in person, and that too in a good wallet. So how to choose the right kind of wallet for this purpose? A slim wallet is always preferred because of the ease of use. Now we don’t want the money to slip away during transactions, do we? This is why we should go in for a money clip wallet. Today attractive money clip wallets are easily available and are getting trendier.

Why a Front Pocket Wallet?

While there could be individual preferences a front pocket wallet with money clip could be more appropriate because it is safer and when the money clip wallet is slim, it is far easier to keep it in the front shirt pocket.

Importance of the Magnetic Clip

While money clip wallets are more secure than the generic wallet or those with a clip that keeps all notes intact and secure, a magnetic money clip wallet provides an extra security. The magnet that holds the wallet content helps in keeping the notes more secure preventing it from falling off.

Does the Material Make a Difference?

Yes it does! A leather money clip wallet definitely has a style quotient that other wallets don’t give us. Also leather wallets are long lasting and are rarely prone to damage even with extended time use.


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