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L'Occitane's Contradicting Statements on Animal Testing

Updated on March 2, 2016

Cruelty-Free Cruelty ???

Shame! Shame! Shame! L'Occitane. You are possibly the worst brand ever. My fight started with you on my personal issue, but with the passing of each day, my fight with you is becoming a social issue to be fought on.

Your deception capacity and ego is REMARKABLE and ASTOUNDING.

For those of you who are reading this hub for the very first time might be thinking that I’m criticizing L’Occitane way too much. Well, I prevented myself from writing anything against L’Occitane after having published two hubs but couldn’t stop myself after knowing that L’Occitane is involved indirectly in the dirty act of animal testing cosmetics products AND THEY CONSTANTLY AND PUBLICLY STATE THAT THEY DO NOT TEST THEIR PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS. IF YOU DON'T KNOW THIS YET, THEY HAVE LOST THEIR 'LEAPING BUNNY LOGO'. When L'Occitane was asked to comment on this, THEY DENIED.....OF COURSE. IT IS THAT SHAMELESS COMPANY WHO IS SUED BY THE COURT, PAYS THE MONEY AND THEN SAY "IT WASN'T OUR FAULT". SO YOU SEE, HOW CAN SUCH MINDS MAKE PRODUCTS WHICH IS ACTUALLY WORTH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS?

Now back to the topic

L'Occitane's Employee's Statement

L’Occitane’s customer care manager had written to me, "Regarding your reaction to the soap, all of our products have undergone a thorough and strict series of tests and controls before they are made commercially available, in order to verify its skin tolerance.”[1] After reading this, I wished to know whether L’Occitane products are tested on animals or not. The confusing phrase ‘thorough and strict series of tests and controls’ is quite ambiguous because the company certainly did not mention what kind of tests are conducted and whether they are authorized by international agencies/regulations/organizations or not. A brand conducting a legitimate business would be proud to display multiple certifications from various authorities around the globe.

Please type in google 'The Irony and Lies Behind 97% Natural and 3% Organic Products' to know how L’Occitane wraps their toxic and hazardous chemicals in ‘eco-friendly’ packaging and ‘97% Natural and 3% Organic’ marketing lies to attract organic cosmetics customers. In the same way, maybe, L’Occitane claims ‘no animal testing’ to attract vegan and animal-rights consumers while continuing operating in China, where animal testing is mandatory.

Draize Test

What have I done to deserve this?
What have I done to deserve this? | Source

L'Occitane's Statement on Their Website

I was amazed to see that this brand has recently publicized an article on their website where they have mentioned that they do not conduct tests on animals and that even their raw material suppliers also follow the same principle. L’Occitane claims that the tests are not conducted by them but by the local authorities in Chinese laboratories.[2]

TOTAL B.S. !!!

Let me show you what websites/organizations like ForceChange and PETA has to say about L'Occitane on animal testing.

Animals Cannot Be Used in Laboratories as Commodities


ForceChange's Take on L'Occitane

ForceChange chased L’Occitane on their remarks on animal testing where they stated that their company “does not and never has tested its products on animals”. ForceChange has published a petition letter asking L’Occitane CEO Mr. Reinold Geiger to release a follow up statement clarifying his former remarks and to come clean about L’Occitane’s recent record of animal testing.[3] I request all the readers of this Hub to sign the petition issued by ForceChange, if you are a kind soul and sensitive about animals like millions of others.

Metro UK points out that cosmetics brands that operate in China, not only agree to the condition of animal testing but fund it as well. PETA’s Alistair Currie said, “These companies were told that tests on animals would be conducted, they were asked to pay for it and they did.”[4]

Cosmetics Magnates Need to Stop This Inhumane Act


PETA's Take on L'Occitane

L’Occitane has also been listed in PETA’s report on ‘Companies That Do Test on Animals’.[5] Moreover, a search for L’Occitane on PETA’s website for ‘Companies That Do Test on Animals: A-Z’ would show “WARNING! This company DOES test on Animals.”

A Small Review from General Public

Please watch this small video from Libby Withnall, who being a fan of L’Occitane has decided that she will not be buying L'Occitane products anymore as L'Occitane has lost their Leaping Bunny logo and has been removed from PETA’s to-buy list.[6]

L'Occitane and Animal Testing

L'Occitane's Excuse Presented with Nice Word Jugglery

In an official statement issued by Dr. Nick Palmer[7], Director of Policy at the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, he states in favour of L’Occitane that,

We hope that the time will come in the not too distant future when L’Occitane’s products can be tested in China using alternatives, as they are elsewhere, and we will then welcome them back to our certified list so they can once again carry the Leaping Bunny.”

Is this how a union –which stands for abolition of vivisection–, should entertain a company which conducts animal testing? In an earlier section of the same official statement Dr. Palmer pointed out that,

Unfortunately, it has become clear that companies which sell their products in the People’s Republic of China trigger testing on animals by the Chinese authorities, so although the companies are not testing on animals themselves, animal testing is resulting from marketing their products there.

Now do you understand why I used the phrase ‘word jugglery’ in this heading? Dr. Palmer is showcasing that the companies are not at fault. It is the Chinese authorities who cause the brands to trigger testing on animals. He has mentioned that companies are not testing on animals themselves and that animal testing is resulting from marketing products in China.

Let us pause for a moment and use our God-given wit to ask some meaningful questions to BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection).

Question 1: Isn’t BUAV aware of the fact that it is mandatory to conduct animal testing in China before making them commercially available in China?

Question 2: Isn’t BUAV aware that Chinese authorities ask the brands to fund the animal testing and the brands agree to it without any hesitation?

Question 3: Can’t BUAV -as their primary and sole goal of abolition of vivisection- request brands to stop marketing their respective products in China until the issue of animal testing gets resolved?

If unions like BUAV continue supporting L’Occitane after pulling off their Leaping Bunny logo then I’m afraid that in the not too distant future the general public would lose their faith in BUAV for the abolition of vivisection.

I found two major flaws in this official statement. First, the date of issue is missing and secondly, it does not have Dr. Palmer’s official signature on it.

When it comes to the abolition of vivisection, I’ve only found PETA walking its talk. If you know of any other organization(s) that are serious about abolition of vivisection, unlike BUAV, then please enlighten me in the comments section below.

The Leaping Bunny Logo

A special logo given to brands that do not participate in animal testing of their cosmetics products
A special logo given to brands that do not participate in animal testing of their cosmetics products | Source

Non-Animal Testing in China

I felt really happy to learn that, while various companies and/or organisations are just involved in incessant proceedings of talks with Chinese authorities, PETA has already granted for a project of training scientists in China to learn testing cosmetics in test tubes instead of animals...

PETA granted $33,000 (thanks to the McGrath Family Foundation who made it possible) to the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS) to help purchase the equipments needed for the course of implementing non-animal (in vitro) test methods. PETA along with their friends in PETA Asia are working towards changing the Chinese government’s requirement of animal testing of cosmetics before marketing them in China. One of the keys to this change would be to have scientists who are ready to implement non-animal (in vitro) testing methods. This support from PETA has allowed Beijing Technology and Business University to expedite the incorporation of hands-on training in non-animal (in vitro) methods to its undergraduate, graduate and faculty, as stated by Dr. Rodger Curren, IIVS’ President.[8]

What Can We Animal Lovers Do?

Many things. Well, I believe we all are Heroes. We are all sensitive, loving and sharing our experiences and life purpose with one another. NEVER EVER EVER EVER think that you don't count. You do! I do! We all do! You have so much power and energy inside you that can move the entire universe. It's our universe, our planet and we can keep it beautiful and peaceful. We were put on this planet to co-exist.

First: Stop using all the products of brands that are involved in animal testing. I know it is easier said than done but please ask yourself whether you'd like to apply makeup on your skin with the realization that the product you're using has been tested on innocent rabbits, monkeys or rats that were killed right after the testing experiments were over.

Second: If you have L'Occitane products at home, send them back to the company saying you don't want to use their products anymore and won't buy their products again, until they stop their sickening technique of fooling us just by entering inside China, investing on animal testing and then writing rubbish reports and articles justifying their deeds.

Third: Kindly visit ForceChange's link and sign the petition against L'Occitane CEO Mr. Reinold Geiger and if you find out any other helpful organization(s) who are working really hard to stop these nasty acts, kindly share those links with our fellow hubbers and me, so that we can sign those petitions to bring about a change.

Fourth: Before going for unknown/infamous brands which you don't know anything about, take the help of the internet. L'Occitane has been ditching its customers by adding toxic and hazardous chemicals in most of their products which can cause serious harm to the human skin. Please go online and make a note of all the ingredients that are present in the product that you're about to buy. After making a note of all those ingredients, I highly recommend that you go to EWG's skin deep database and input the ingredients' names on the search box and check whether those chemicals are toxic, hazardous or carcinogenic. L'Occitane does not display its products' ingredients on its websites. This is a clear indication that the said brand is hiding something from the customers about the ingredients of their products and also they are violating the Right to Information of consumers. Remember, these hazardous and toxic chemicals are first tested on animals and then passed onto our human skin. Could you imagine a business as unethical as this ???

It is high time that we animal loving consumers should stand up along with organizations like PETA, ForceChange and others to stop the acts of cruelty caused on innocent animals by cosmetics brands like L'Occitane.

With limited senses we cannot detect anything harmful that are present in our favourite products. If you have a doubt or if you feel any brand is violating the Right to Information Act and mixing some old crap in their products, immediately and without delay, lodge a complaint against that brand to your local authority. Even if the salesperson misguides you saying that their products are not tested on animals please cross check on the internet and you’ll know the truth, like I did and the naked truth about L'Occitane was right in front of my eyes.

You are more powerful than you think and your raised voice thus counts. So, ACT ACCORDINGLY.

Final Thoughts

Animals are as important as you, I and our children. We animal lovers need not feel sad because of cosmetics brands’ continuing act of testing on animals and fooling the general public by declaring that they do not support animal testing. We are intelligent enough to understand what they’re exactly after.

As China is a growing market for the cosmetics industry,[9] various companies’ voracious appetite for profits will fund animal testing in China and will come out with a deceiving excuse that its China who’s conducting the tests and that the brand(s) should not be blamed.

Even though PETA is often unnecessarily termed as an extremist organization[10], we must not forget that PETA has actually taken a practical step in introducing and promoting Non-animal testing procedures in China while brands such as L’Occitane are deceiving public about them getting into China to have so called ‘talks’ with Chinese authorities to ban animal testing.

As per my belief, it would have been better if L’Occitane would’ve first convinced China to ban animal testing and then entered China. Instead, they chose to enter China first (to enjoy the lucrative business expansion) while funding animal testing and then putting across a statement declaring –and indirectly putting the blame of animal testing on the Chinese– that the animal testing is required by China and the Chinese authorities conduct the tests.

While L’Occitane aimed to clarify its stance on animal testing years back[11], the fact remains that animal testing is still being conducted in China while the profit hungry brands getting official statements on animal testing issued by the BUAV are still ‘talking’ with the Chinese authorities.

Animal Lovers' Opinion Needed

What action should be taken against companies like L'Occitane who deceive Vegan and Animal Rights consumers by declaring that their company is not involved in animal testing?

See results

To My Readers

Thank you for your time and patience involved in the reading of this hub. Please check for Leaping Bunny Logo and/or PETA’s to-buy list before buying any cosmetics product(s). Please spread the awareness in your family, friends and colleagues to raise their voice against animal testing.

Have a great day, stay healthy and stay amazing.


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Please Share Your Thoughts on L'Occitane's Hypocricy

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    • Debarati SenRoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Debarati Sen Roy 

      3 years ago from Kolkata, West Bengal, India

      Thank you so much for your kind words Michael. I'm feeling a bit more confident after reading your comment.

    • profile image

      Michael Moore 

      3 years ago

      Very well done lady. You'r take on L'occitane en pro is too good.


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