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LV (Louis Vuitton) Neverfull MM Damier review

Updated on October 9, 2011

My friend recently purchased the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier from the local Louis Vuitton store. Since we are co-workers, I see her bag everyday because it is now her favorite handbag. I have carried it just to try it out and went to the LV store to see the different Neverfulls myself to decided if I should purchase the handbag. Long story short, I love it a lot but just couldn't justify purchasing another expensive handbag. If you read my other hubs, you will know that I already have the LV Damier speedy 30 and LV Epi Alma.

Let me just start by saying the LV Neverfull MM is a very practical handbag. It has been out for a while and lots of people love it. It is big, light weight, roomy and stylish. You can carry it on your shoulder which frees up your hands. The handbag is well made and fits on your shoulder nicely. It is very light weight so that at least you don't start with a very heavy handbag. The straps are very strong; it can hold a small to mid sized laptop easily. Another great thing about the Damier print is the dark handles which will not get dirty. If you are not careful with your handbags, I strongly recommend the Damier print for your Neverfull.

Damier, Azur or Monogram? Those familiar with Louis Vuitton know that the Neverfull comes in several different prints. The reason that my friend went with the Damier is that is the most practical out of the three. She uses the Neverfull a lot, on a daily basis actually. She wanted the handbag to look as good as possible for a long time. Both the Azur and Monogram have light handles that will get dirty or show its age easily. As with the Damier print, the leather trim is a dark brown which will not get any darker or show stains. In terms of practicality, Damier is the most practical, Azur is the least practical and Monogram is in between. Azur just gets dirty too easily.

Is it secure? Not really because it doesn't have a zipper that closes the bag. For Louis Vuitton handbags, you either get one zipper that closes the whole bag or a zipped compartment inside. Never both. You can make the handbag more secure by cinching the two sides. If you are traveling to a place where it is not known to be save, you should not use this handbag because it is relatively easy for thieves to get into.

Inside of the Neverfull – the inside has only one zipped compartment. This can hold your wallet and other very important belongings. Other than the one zipped compartment, the tote is just one big space. The interior is red lining which is very pretty. There is a D-ring inside that you can attach your keys or other stuff to. It is actually recommended by the LV sales associate that you purchase a chain to take advantage of the D-ring.

PM, MM, or GM? As you already know that the Neverfull comes in three different sizes, PM, MM or GM. In my opinion, the PM is way too small. Don't get this bag unless you are at or below 4'11”. Handbags should be proportional to your body for it to look good on you. If you are 5' to 5' 6”, you can wear the MM well. As for the GM, you have to be on the taller side to pull off this style. You should be at least 5'7” if not taller.

In conclusion, this handbag is definitely very chic and practical. It is a good choice for those that tend to carry lots of stuff with them daily. For those that think this handbag is not secure, you can cinch the sides (In my opinion, it looks better when it's cinched in). However, it won't be able to carry that much stuff when you do. Overall, this is a great handbag for a lot of people. And for Louis Vuitton products, this handbag is actually not too expensive.


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    • texasgirlfw profile image

      texasgirlfw 6 years ago

      Good review. I like Louie, have one, but think they are overpriced for what they are.